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Project Nursery: Blast Off!

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  • November 14, 2012

I am so excited because work on the nursery has finally begun! Once we found out Baby P is a boy, I didn’t want to waste any time getting the ball rolling. I’d really prefer not to have to be scrambling trying to finish his nursery when I’m 8 months preggo.

Now, normally JP has very little interest when it comes to the decor choices I make for our home..but when it came down to a nursery for his firstborn son, he wanted to be involved! So we brainstormed together about what we wanted the nursery to look like. Hubs wanted something distinctly first he suggested a sports themed nursery. I immediately started picturing brightly colored decals of footballs and soccer balls all over the wall, and it made me cringe. I was hoping for something a bit more sophisticated and not so in-yo-face. So we sat down and started perusing LayBabyLay (an awesome site with tons of cool nursery moodboards) until we stumbled on this nursery design.

We both instantly loved it. JP has a fascination with all things space related (when that rover landed on Mars back in August, I got daily updates for about a week) and I really loved the color scheme. My mind started filling with ideas right away. However, I want to be careful not to go too ‘theme-y’ with it so that it doesn’t enter Cheeseball Land.

JP suggested that maybe we do a mural behind the crib of the solar system. Again, brightly colored decals filled my mind, and I was afraid of veering into Cheese territory. But after thinking on it for a couple of minutes, I came up with an idea to do a solar system feature wall, but with a twist. Instead of painting all 9 planets (yes, we included Pluto..we’re both firmly on the Pluto-is-a-planet wagon) in all their traditional colors, I decided we could use embroidery hoops filled with fabrics that coordinated with our color scheme. That way it wouldn’t be an in-yo-face-look-at-me solar system mural, but more of an abstract design that wouldn’t compete with other elements in the room. Woot!

The first step was picking out paint colors. I originally wanted to paint the whole room in a light silvery gray, but JP suggested we use a darker color for the feature wall. This turned out to be the best suggestion ever…I am so in love with the darker gray we ended up choosing that I’m scouting other locations in the house where we could use it! The silvery gray is Rocky Bluffs by Valspar, but I got it lightened by 25%. The darker charcoal gray is Semi Sweet, also by Valspar.

Once the colors were picked, JP got to work painting the room. Let me take a small brag break here: my husband is a painting champion. When we decide to paint a room, I pick out the color and usually the next day I come home from work and the room is totally painted. He da man and I would like to dedicate this video to him. Not only is it an awesome song, but also an awesome movie.

Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

After the room was painted, we got busy (along with the help of JP’s dad) and were able to finish the wall up that same night!

Originally, we planned to have his dad paint the lines of the rings for us, but he reminded us that white paint over a really dark color would mean lots of coats, and that could make for some wonky looking lines. So what did we use instead? Pinstriping – like the kind they use for cars! We ran out and picked some up at Auto Zone and it worked great! Then we hung the embroidery hoops (keeping in mind that the crib is going to go over in the left hand corner), and taped up a few “stars” that I cut out of cardstock.

I bought an extra embroidery hoop and cut the rings in half and we painted them yellow and hot glued them to Saturn and Uranus. Yep, I just found a way to legitimately use ‘Uranus’ on my blog. Boom. And also, I’m 8 years old.

You guys. I am SO SO happy with the way it turned out! Isn’t Pluto so cute and little?! You’ll always be a planet to us, Pluto!!

{Sidenote: For the time being, we just hung the embroidery hoops with nails, but if anyone has any tips on other more secure ways to hang them, I’m all ears!}

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  • February 7, 2012

I was FINALLY able to make some progress in the craft room this past Saturday, which makes me a very happy woman!

First and foremost, I got all the trim painted white (which is a task in and of itself). There’s plenty of tutorials for how to do that, so I’m not gonna break it down for you..just check out this one if you’d like to know more.

Now onto the good stuff. I mean, go-oo-oo-ooood. In my opinion, anyway 🙂

When I saw this tutorial from Kara Paslay Designs, I knew I wanted to recreate it in the craft room. I love a good feature wall and I love all things shiny so this was a perfect combo!

It was relatively easy to do. The hardest part for me was picking out a design that would work and then doing all my measurements so that everything would be even and level. I won’t even tell you guys how long that measuring part took me. Math is not my strong suit, so I was riding the struggle bus for a minute…but once I got it figured out, it was smooth sailing!

This was my basic method: I put up one line of tape in place in order to make sure my design stayed as straight as possible. So using the tape as my guide, I drew my first stencil row onto the wall. I used a 12×12 piece of cardstock as my template for a diamond and then connected my diamonds with a straight line between them. As far as design goes, pick something geometric and simple. I originally had a very complex chain link pattern planned out, but quickly discovered that was going to be WAY too difficult. After I stenciled the first row, I put up a second line of tape to use as a guide for the next row, and so on.

Once I had the whole wall drawn out, I removed the painters tape and readied the only other supply I needed for this DIY: aluminum foil tape. It’s the same stuff that’s normally used for duct work.

I cut all the pieces I would need before I did any taping. One tip I have if you’re going to try something like this, cut longer than what you’ll need. You need to be able to account for corners meeting up and so on. You can always cut off excess later!

And then I got to taping. FYI: this stuff is super sticky. So I suggest to get one end stuck up on the wall, peel the backing off the rest, then slowly stick it to the wall, taking care to smooth it out as much as possible. And you should know right off the bat that this is not a treatment that will look perfect and smooth. There’s really no way to avoid getting some wrinkles and bubbles in the tape, no matter how much you smooth. So if you want something that looks picture perfect, this is probably not  for you. But, personally, I love the texture and imperfection of it!


See the bumps and wrinkles? That’s just the nature of the product.

And here’s the finished product!

Do you love it? I do, I do! I love the impact it makes..and the best part? It cost me about $7.50, the price of the roll of tape! It makes me so excited to keep working on this room and see the final product!!

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