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Another week has gone and a new one is beginning and today I’m finding myself reminiscing about our vacation.

A few weeks ago, we joined my parents and siblings for a getaway in Gulf Shores, AL. We all chipped in to rent a beach house, and it was a fantastic week of sun, rest, and relaxation. It was glorious!

By far, one of my favorite things about this vacation was that they house we stayed at had a private pool..Roarke LOVES the water. Like, seriously, he pitches a huge fit every time I get him out of the bathtub. So, naturally, he loved being in the pool.

Vacation Recap | Lemon Drop Life
The pool was completely shaded, so it was definitely chilly, but that didn’t deter him one bit.

Vacation Recap | Lemon Drop Life

We attempted to do the beach thing with him, but that lasted all of five minutes. The stretch of beach where we were was incredibly shell-y, which made it very unfriendly for baby tootsies. And there was a pretty steep incline once you got to the edge of the water, which again made it difficult for him to walk. Plus, he wanted to run head first into the ocean with no abandon, which gives this mom heart palpitations.

AND it happened to be Shark Week on Discovery so I was already a bit tense.

I really wanted to get some cute pictures of him on the beach, but there was no way I was letting go of his hand and leaving him to his own devices (see above statement about running head first into the ocean). So, alas, this is the only picture I got to document his first walk on the beach.

Vacation Recap | Lemon Drop Life
I’m calling it ‘artsy’.

My brother and his fiancee were with us so we went to the beach and attempted to get some photos for their Save the Date card. Beach photos are hard, y’all. Sun, wind, sand..all elements that are working against you. We managed to get a couple cute ones though.

Vacation Recap | Lemon Drop Life
Vacation Recap | Lemon Drop Life
JP and I’s 4th wedding anniversary also happened to fall during that week, so we got to celebrate with the whole family. JP treated himself to oysters, and I buried my face in fried fish.

Vacation Recap | Lemon Drop Life
Vacation Recap | Lemon Drop Life
Another great feature of the house was the large back porch that overlooked the ocean. We watched a pod of dolphins come in about the same time every morning to feed, it was awesome! And the little dude loved making kiss faces on the sliding glass doors and rearranging all the patio furniture.
Vacation Recap | Lemon Drop Life
Vacation Recap | Lemon Drop Life
Getting all of us together in one place is a task these days since we’re all scattered, so of course we had to take the opportunity to get a large family photo. I had forgotten to bring my tripod, so I just set the timer on my camera and put it on top of the trash cans in front of the house. That’s what I call working with what you’ve got.

Vacation Recap | Lemon Drop Life

Anyone else squeezing in a last minute summer vacay?

Sooo..remember when I showed you guys the new and improved view from my bed? It looked something like this:

Family Gallery Wall | Lemon Drop Life

Well, now it looks something like this:


Well, hello GIGANTIC TV.

Let me explain. With the impending arrival of bebe #2, we’ve had to do a bit of a room shuffle in our house. What was the guest bedroom is becoming her nursery, and therefore JP had to give up his man cave (*gasp* the horror!) to become the guest room. So, his huge only-meant-for-a-man-cave TV had to go somewhere.

Ever since we got married, I have been staunchly against having a TV in our bedroom. I’ve read a million articles about having a successful marriage that basically said putting a TV in your bedroom is the kiss of death. It shows your partner you’re more interested in The Bachelor than them, and before you know it you guys barely even talk anymore. But the truth is, JP and I love relaxing and watching movies or a good show together. Most nights, we ended up laying in bed and watching Netflix on his iPad anyway. And since we’ve moved it into our room, we’ve started a new nightly routine where Roarke lays in bed with us and we all watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and have some play/snuggle time. It’s become a really sweet tradition that I find myself looking forward to at the end of every night. So, bottom line: TV in the bedroom – not so bad.

But let’s get real here and talk about the beauty underneath the TV. That killer mid-century modern dresser.

Master Bedroom: Remix | Lemon Drop LifeThe angle of this picture makes that drawers look uneven, but they’re not.

I scored this lovely on Craigslist for $75. Originally it was all dark walnut, but I painted the drawers white, and I LOVE the way it turned out!

Master Bedroom: Remix | Lemon Drop Life

Master Bedroom: Remix | Lemon Drop Life

And I’m totally gaga for the original brass hardware that came on the drawers! The shadows are making them look funky and scratched here, but in real life they are gorg! And just in case that whole TV-in-the-bedroom thing is bad for a marriage, I put a lucky horseshoe on the dresser to counteract any bad mojo. ;)

So you might be asking, what happened to the gallery wall? Well, it got shifted to another wall in our master bedroom.

Master Bedroom: Remix | Lemon Drop Life

I don’t feel like it looks as ‘complete’ on this wall, if that makes sense, but I think adding more pictures and filling up the wall over time will do the trick! And we’ll add definitely be adding more photos once baby girl arrives!!

Master Bedroom: Remix | Lemon Drop Life

So that’s the current state of our bedroom..anyone else been shifting any rooms around? I have to admit, I’m kind of digging the fresh spin on spaces that had previously been untouched for years!

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Howdy, lemon-droppers! We’re currently on vacation in Alabama, but I’m stopping in to share the mood board I put together for our baby girl’s nursery.

For Roarke’s nursery, we had a pretty clear theme. Baby girl’s nursery is a little more eclectic. In my mind, it’s going to have a somewhat natural, bohemian feel with little touches of sweetness. And when I say “sweetness,” I was inspired by the phrase “Sugar and spice and everything nice…” and I love the idea of whimsical touches of sweet treats (cupcakes, candy, etc.) as a nod to our sweet girl.

So without further ado..

Sugar and Spice: A Baby Girl Nursery | Lemon Drop Life


A couple of these items are things we already  have and are incorporating into the nursery design. Our plan is to use Roarke’s crib in her room eventually…she’ll just sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first couple months. So for the sake of this mood board, just imagine a white crib as part of the plan.

We already have the over dyed purple kilim rug that we used in the guest room, and I found a vintage wicker and cane rocking horse at an antique mall a few weeks ago that I am totally in LOVE with.

The rest of the mood board is just made up of things that I’m obsessing over, like some tie-dye curtains (I’ll probably DIY some) and a large scale macrame wall hanging (possibly a DIY also) for behind the crib. And I envision a series of these fantastically whimsical animal prints by Anna Burnett over her dresser (that will likely double as a changing table).

I may not have all the details hammered out, but one thing is for sure: this sweet little baby’s nursery will be filled with LOVE!

Our house is soon to be covered in bows and lace…we found out yesterday that The Bump is a GIRL!!

JP and I were both caught off guard..this pregnancy has been virtually identical to my pregnancy with Roarke, so I was assuming it was a boy. But what a nice surprise!

Of  course, Roarke cycled through your typical 16-month-old emotions when we broke the news to him. Confusion. Sadness. Acceptance. Excitement.

PicMonkey Collage_Blog


Luckily, he settled on excitement :)

Show of hands: how many of you have about a thousand family photos on your computer that you keep meaning to get printed and framed? Yeah, that’s me with both my hands up.

I print yearly photo books for our family (which reminds me, I need to finish up 2013..whoops), but I’ve always meant to also get some printed and framed. Recently, we inherited some really nice black frames with double mats from a friend who was moving, so  I took that as a perfect opportunity to print some family photos and create a little gallery wall in our bedroom!

Family Gallery Wall | Lemon Drop Life

I decided to stick with black and white photos to keep a cohesive theme and I made sure to select a mix of different orientations. I ordered my prints from and I am thrilled with the quality; I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get photos printed! (I’m not sponsored by them in any way, I was just really satisfied with their product!).

Family Gallery Wall | Lemon Drop Life

I had 4 frames for 8×10’s and 3 for 11×14’s. I think if I had been doing this gallery wall from scratch (i.e., I didn’t already have these frames) I would’ve been tempted to also do some 5×7’s for more variety, but honestly I’m so happy I didn’t. I love the large scale of these photos and the fact that I can see them from across the room when I’m lying in bed!

Yeah, this view? My favorite. Minus the lily white legs.

Family Gallery Wall | Lemon Drop Life

And of course, I’ll be adding some more photos once bambino #2 gets here. I’ll probably pick up a bunch of black Ribba frames from Ikea the next time we’re there, and they should blend in nicely with the other frames!

And I can’t end this post without showing you guys this adorable little lamp.

Family Gallery Wall | Lemon Drop Life


I picked it up at Wal-Mart (go figure!) for $9.99! The shade was originally white, but I added a little copper paint to the top and bottom for some extra oomph..cute, right?! I love how it ties into the wooden plaque.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let all those precious family moments sit on your computer, get them printed and hung somewhere in your home!