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Today’s the day! I finally get to show off my little girls’ nursery and I couldn’t be more excited! It took me quite a while to get her room to a place where I’m finally satisfied with calling it ‘done.’ Mostly because I’m trying to keep two munchkins alive and happy now instead of one. It takes work.

My vision for this nursery was something I’m calling ‘sugar and spice.’ I wanted to keep things mostly sweet and simple but with some bold moments and colors sprinkled in.

But enough with the pomp and circumstance, let’s take a look at the goods! This post will be mostly pictures, but I’ll be sharing all the sources for you guys later this week!

Sugar and Spice: Nursery Reveal | Lemon Drop Life

Sugar and Spice: Nursery Reveal | Lemon Drop Life


I love this vintage rocking horse – isn’t it so adorable?!

Sugar and Spice: Nursery Reveal | Lemon Drop Life


This corner has quickly become my favorite spot in the room. The glider is AMAZING – I love sitting in it with her, and it’s nice that Roarke can get up there with us too. I’ve found him in her room several times reading in this chair (cue my heart melting). It’s also where I take her weekly pictures.

Sugar and Spice: Nursery Reveal | Lemon Drop Life


In case you’re curious about the little round pancake pillow, there is a story behind it. Sometimes when I’m drifting off to sleep, my dear sweet husband plays this game where he whispers weird, random things to me just to see if I remember the next morning. Shortly after we found out Everly would be a girl, he decided to play this game and whispered, “I think Everly’s nursery should be pancake-themed.” And I remembered. So of course I had to find a pancake pillow for her nursery as a nod to my hubby.

Sugar and Spice: Nursery Reveal | Lemon Drop Life


My next favorite thing besides the glider corner has got to be the paper flower wall behind the crib. I love the bright pops of color against the white wall. I’ll got a tutorial for these flowers coming next week – they are super easy!

Sugar and Spice: Nursery Reveal | Lemon Drop Life

Sugar and Spice: Nursery Reveal | Lemon Drop Life


The dresser was a Craigslist find that I painted. Is it weird if I tell you that 85% of the reason I bought this dresser was for the delicious hardware? I mean, seriously, check out the amazingness this gal is sportin’.

Sugar and Spice: Nursery Reveal | Lemon Drop Life


Ya know what else I love? (In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, just about everything in this nursery is my ‘favorite’ thing.)  The prints I shared with you guys last week. They look so perfect over the dresser/changing table.


Sugar and Spice: Nursery Reveal | Lemon Drop Life

I am so happy to have finished this room that my sweet girl can call her own! If you have any questions about where I got any specific item or the room in general, be sure to leave it in the comments and I will address it in the source post later this week!

Happy weekend, lovelies! Im doing something a little out of the ordinary today and posting on a Saturday. I know I promised you all a nursery reveal this week, but Roarke was home sick from daycare a couple days, which means momma had no time for room styling and taking pictures! So, I thought I’d pop in and share another quick project with you guys :)

It never fails: after I take down all of our Christmas decorations, I always crave clean and simple. Honestly, I end up leaving most of our table-tops and walls as bare as possible. But, slowly, I’m starting to crave a little more decor (I can’t hold out forever, ya know) and our entryway buffet was the perfect candidate for a little fluffing. I still didn’t want anything too over the top, so I set out a little collection of frames to display some pictures of our growing fam. I wanted to hang something on the wall above the buffet, but again, just wanted to keep it pretty simple. So, I busted out this cute little project!

DIY Rope Art | Lemon Drop Life


Here’s what I used: blank canvas, scrap fabric, 3-ply natural sisal rope, and gold rub-n-buff. If you wanted to keep it super simple, though, you would just need a blank canvas and the rope. Luckily, I already had all the supplies I needed on hand, so this cost me a big, fat goose egg! My favorite kinds of projects :)

To start, I drew a large oval on the back side of my fabric.

DIY Rope Art | Lemon Drop Life


Then I cut it out, and adhered it to the canvas with a bit of hot glue. I lightly traced the word ‘home’ on the fabric so that I had a visual guide to follow. Next, it was time to glue down the rope, following the guide I had traced.

DIY Rope Art | Lemon Drop Life


The rope was bit stiff from being all coiled up, so you might want to stretch it out a bit before gluing it down. It will naturally want to lay a certain way, so try to use that to your advantage when possible.

After I had my word created, I did a little rope border around the fabric, and that’s it! It took me less than an hour, and that was with having to take a couple kid breaks.

DIY Rope Art | Lemon Drop Life


It was the perfect, easy project to satisfy my crafting craving!

I am going to work on getting the nursery photographed this weekend, so I hope to share that with you guys on Monday or Tuesday! Hope you all have an awesome, relaxing weekend :)

Popping in today with a fun DIY and a little peek at baby girl’s nursery. I hope to be sharing the full reveal with you guys next week – just have to do a bit more zhushing.

When I shared my initial design for her nursery (oh so long ago), I talked about being inspired by the old adage, “Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.” From the get-go I envisioned a pretty little calligraphy-inspired print with a portion of that saying on it. Initially, I had planned to create a stencil of the phrase with my silhouette and use copper leaf, but at the last minute I decided to hand-write they phrase and just use copper leaf around the mat. It was such a fun way to glam up a plain old picture mat!

Here’s what you’ll need if you want to do the same:

  • picture mat
  • painter’s tape
  • sable hair paint brushes
  • copper leaf
  • metal leaf adhesive
  • latex gloves (not pictured)
  • exacto knife (not pictured)

DIY Copper Leaf Picture Mat | Lemon Drop Life

First, tape off your design of choice. I did a simple thin frame on the inside of the mat.

DIY Copper Leaf Picture Mat | Lemon Drop Life

Then, apply your adhesive (I used one of the brushes to spread it out) and let it dry until it’s tacky to the touch, but doesn’t come off on your finger. I waited about 15 minutes, but follow the directions on your specific adhesive.

DIY Copper Leaf Picture Mat | Lemon Drop Life

Now it’s time to apply the copper leaf. You can buy metal leaf in two forms: flakes or sheets. I bought mine in sheets. Take note that the oils on your fingers will break down the metal leaf pretty quickly, so you’ll want to wear latex gloves for this part. In order not to waste, I used a sharp exacto knife to cut my sheets into smaller, more manageable pieces. Use one of the sable hair brushes to smooth out the copper leaf and ensure it’s well adhered.

DIY Copper Leaf Picture Mat | Lemon Drop Life

Once you’ve got the entire area covered, use your brush to remove any excess flakes, and then remove the tape! You can seal the copper leaf, if you choose to, but since mine was going in a frame I didn’t feel like it was necessary.

And here’s the final result!

DIY Copper Leaf Picture Mat | Lemon Drop Life

DIY Copper Leaf Picture Mat | Lemon Drop Life

I hung my print over Everly’s changing table, flanked by two adorable prints I had made by the talented Anna Burnett. Aren’t they adorable?? I love that they’re sweet, yet still whimsical. It’s exactly the vibe I wanted for this nursery!

DIY Copper Leaf Picture Mat | Lemon Drop Life

I think the copper leaf dresses up my handwritten print (imperfect as it may be) just the right amount. I’m actually considering doing the other two as well. What do you guys think?

DIY Copper Leaf Picture Mat | Lemon Drop Life

I can’t wait to show you guys the rest of the nursery! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

Today I’m going to give you all some pointers on the question consuming the minds of soon-to-be-mommies everywhere: how am I going to photographically document the growth of my peanut? Earth shattering, I know.

Tips For Taking Weekly Growth Photos | Lemon Drop Life


This is my second go-around with this and I think I’ve picked up some tips along the way.

Choose a spot with good lighting. Unless you have the professional grade gear to diffuse it, you want to avoid using the flash on your camera. It can wash-out your subject (in this case, your adorable offspring), and cause harsh shadows. So try to pick a spot that gets good natural light for some portion of the day. In my case, there’s a large picture window right next to Everly’s glider that provides lots of yummy light.

Wait for consistent conditions. To get the best results, it helps to keep things as consistent as possible. So this means trying to take your picture at roughly the same time of day each week. Everly was born on a Friday, so I usually try to do it mid-afternoon (between 1-3) every Friday. But if it happens to be really overcast or raining, I usually wait until the next day. I would rather have good natural lighting, than take the picture the same day every week.

Have something in the picture for scale. Obviously the point of these photos is to document the growth of your little sweetie, so having something in the picture that you can measure that by is nice. It can be anything. A stuffed animal, a chair, a toy, a chalkboard – the options are endless!

Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. With Roarke, I decided I would take all of his pictures in a white onesie for consistency. Mistake. For me, anyway. I quickly found myself dreading Friday afternoons (Roarke was also born on a Friday) because it meant I had to take Roarke out of whatever clothes he was wearing and put him in a white onesie. Anyone that’s dressed small children knows that it’s just a straight up hassle. Seriously, getting them dressed once a day is hard enough, so changing their clothes in the middle of the day (unless certain bodily functions require it) is pretty much not going to happen. Again, this is my preference - I know lots of people who do the white onesie thing with no problem, but it’s just not realistic for me.

Pay attention to your settings when editing. No matter what program you’re using to edit your photos, make a note of the adjustments you make. Whether you’re applying certain actions in Photoshop or using a specific filter in PicMonkey, it’s important to keep your photos looking as consistent as possible, and that goes for post-processing, too. I’ve been using PicMonkey to add the ‘week’ labels and I have a little screen grab on my Desktop to help me remember the specific color of the banner.

Tips For Taking Weekly Growth Photos | Lemon Drop Life

That way, I don’t have to spend 20 minutes every week trying to remember what color I used. Because, trust me, when you’re a sleep-deprived mother of a newborn, you’ll be lucky to remember your name.

Don’t just leave the photos sitting on your computer. It’s so much more fun to have a tangible album to flip through, especially with photos like this! So put them all together in a photo book (I use Shutterfly) or get them printed at CVS or Walgreens and put them in a pretty photo album. Just do something with them!

And, most importantly, don’t stress yourself out about getting things perfect! Even if you miss a week for some reason, just pick it back up the next week! The main point is to take photos documenting your child’s growth that you can cherish for years to come!




Warning: this is a long, wordy post that has nothing to do with DIY or home decor. Just sharing a bit of my heart today :)

I know a lot of people that choose a word at the beginning of a year that they want to focus their life around. Something they want to be conscious of throughout the coming months. Personally, I’ve never chosen one before because there was never a word that I felt strongly about. But this year is different. Let me explain.

A lot of people say that when it comes to kids, the toughest transition is with the first one. And then any additional children aren’t as big of an adjustment. But I would have to disagree. We had an exceptionally easy time with Roarke. He was (and still is) such an easy-going, happy guy. I’m sure some of you other moms are going to hate me a little for saying this, but I can’t remember ever being really stressed out with him (except for one terrifying medical scare). Sure, there have been moments of frustration, but overall my first pancake turned out pretty awesome. Props if you get the Gilmore Girls reference.

But adding another tiny person to the mix has not been so easy. And it has nothing to do with Everly. She is seriously an angel baby and I have to pinch myself every time I think about how lucky I am to have gotten two wonderfully amazing children. (And it makes me worry that if/when we have third, it is destined to be a holy terror.) But things have definitely been more stressful and chaotic the second time around. First off, the week Everly was due (which was the week of Thanksgiving), my husband got strep and bronchitis, and my son had a cold and double pink-eye. And we had a bunch of family come up to stay with us for Thanksgiving/Everly’s arrival and basically all of them ended up contracting one of the aforementioned diseases. Our house was like the triage tent during the Black Plague – everyone that entered came out worse than when they went in. Not exactly the environment you want to bring a newborn into, right? Eventually, we got everyone healthy and neither Everly nor myself ever got sick (I’m convinced God had a hedge of protection around both of us). And then it was time for Christmas and all the hullabaloo that comes along with it. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, hands down, and I wouldn’t trade our time with our families for anything, but it’s still tiring and stressful with all the traveling we do.

So, at this point, you’re probably thinking my word is going to be something like ‘relax’ or ‘peaceful’. Guess again. My word for 2015 is:




One thing I’m finding out for sure is that when you have two kids under the age of two, it’s essential to think ahead and be as prepared as possible. For example, if we’re going to have any hope of making it to church on time on Sunday morning, I have to make sure the diaper bag is packed and both of their outfits (and mine) are ready to go the night before. If I have to run an errand, I have to plan it around nap times. So, being disciplined and organized is completely necessary if I want to do anything involving the kids.

But beyond them, there are things I need to be more disciplined about for my own sake.

  • My health. I want to be more aware of the things I’m putting inside my body. I don’t plan on going on any extreme diets or cutting out certain things entirely, but overall I want to make an effort to eat better. I’m starting this year off by participating in a 30-day green smoothie challenge. It’s not hard – you just drink one green smoothie a day. That’s it.  I’ve been drinking mine for breakfast, and I’m loving it! The texture was weird at first, but I’ve gotten past that now. And I love knowing that I’m getting a big dose of fruits, veggies, and protein to start off my day.
  • My relationship with God. I need to have better discipline in prayer, fasting, and reading God’s word. Plain and simple.
  • Extracurriculars. Even the things I do for fun could use a little more discipline. This blog, for example. I really slacked off after I got pregnant and rarely posted. That doesn’t mean I’m going to put pressure on myself to post daily or do projects just to have something to post about, but I enjoy doing creative things and writing so I want to be disciplined in making time for those things I enjoy.

I’m a procrastinator at heart. I know that, I’ve accepted it. But this year, I want to challenge myself to be more intentional with my time and actions.

Do any of you choose a word to keep in mind throughout the year? I’d love to hear what yours is!