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Happy Friday, lemon-droppers! We’re almost to the weekend and I couldn’t be happier about it – hubby has been in Houston this week and I can’t wait for him to get back him tonight! Single-parenting two rambunctious babies is rough, ha!

After Everly was born, JP and I discussed looking for a house with a little bit more space. We really wanted something with a basement and a little more room for the kids to play. But after lots of discussions and prayer, we decided that wasn’t the direction we should go.

I haven’t shared this on the blog yet, but a little over a month ago, I made the transition to stay home with our kids, while also working part-time at our church. It was a big decision for us, and one I prayed about a lot. I loved my job, but after I went back to work from Everly’s maternity leave, all I could think about was being with her and Roarke all the time and savoring the precious moments I have with them while they’re little. So, JP and I decided to do what we needed to in order to make that happen. And that included agreeing to stay where we are for several more years.

When we moved into this house (almost 4 years ago), I had a specific idea of what this house would be. We would live here for 4-5 years, probably start our family here, but then move on to our forever house. This was our ‘just for now’ house.

Let me tell you, folks, that was a bad mentality to have.

It’s only recently that I’ve realized just how crippling that train of thought has been. Yes, we’ve made nice updates to the house, but I’ve refrained from making some of the changes I’d like because I’m always thinking about the fact that we’ll be reselling this. And why go to all the effort of changing a house that you’re going to be leaving soon?


And now that I know we’re going to be here a few more years, I’ve realized it’s time to make this OUR space. I want to love every inch of my house and I want it to be meaningful and functional for us.

So in my quest for home-iness, I’ve been giving our kitchen major side-eye lately. I haven’t touched our kitchen since we moved in and painted it. But that’s about to change.

Let me share a little mood board I made that gives an idea of some of the larger elements I have in mind.

Kitchen Mood Board | Lemon Drop Life

I apologize for the low quality mock-up, but you get the idea.

One thing I’ve known I wanted to do for a long time was paint the walls a deep gray. This is the same color (Semi Sweet by Valspar) that I used for the planet wall in Roarke’s room and our little hallway and I absolutely fell in love with the color. I’ve been picturing it for our kitchen ever since.

I’ve spent hours poring over tile selections and backsplashes and I always come back to classic subway tile with dark grout. So, maybe it’s overdone, but I can’t fight this feeling anymore. I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for, you guys.

I’m also itching to incorporate a couple of open shelves for the kitchen, and I’m really excited to make that happen!

I’ve long been a lover of the beaded chandeliers and I’m going to try my hand at a DIY (read: cheaper) version.

The table won’t be exactly like that, as I’m going to be repurposing our existing table, but that gives you an idea of what I’m going for. And my plan is to do a combination of the wooden x-back chairs and a couple of upholstered captain’s chairs on either end.

I am SO excited to get this started and finally turn this place into a real home that reflects our family and our style!

Wait, what’s happening? Am I actually posting something home decor/DIY related?? YES! Yes, I am. ‘Bout time, right?!?

Last month, I was browsing our local Goodwill and came across a really adorable midcentury style desk. For $15 dollars.

Chalk Paint + Dip Dye Desk Makeover | Lemon Drop Life

Yep, that’s right. $15 dollars. It was really in pretty good shape, too. What can I say? Sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a mid-century modern nut.

When I saw this desk, I instantly had a vision for what I wanted it to look like – I was picturing a rich army green with gold dip-dyed legs. And because I LOATHE furniture prep, I knew chalk paint was the way to go. I’ve heard lots of good things about the BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder, so I decided to give it a go. 

Basically, the powder allows you to transform any latex paint into chalk paint – cool, right?!? The formula is simple: 2 tablespoons of powder + 1 tablespoon of water + 1 cup of flat finish paint. I went with Forestwood by Sherwin Williams. They recommend just mixing up a cup at a time, because the paint goes a long way. I ended up using a full cup and still needed just a bit more for some touch ups so I mixed up another half cup to finish this desk.

Chalk Paint + Dip-Dye Makeover | Lemon Drop Life

The coverage for the paint was great – it was really easy to use! And the best part is, I still have a ton of powder left to use for future projects! I taped the legs off and sprayed them with my beloved Krylon gold spray paint.

Chalk Paint + Dip-Dye Makeover | Lemon Drop Life

It’s good, right?! I also hit the hardware with a couple coats of ORB spray paint – so much better!

Chalk Paint + Dip-Dye Makeover | Lemon Drop Life

I put a couple coats of Polycrylic on the drawers and table top to seal everything off.

My plan is to move this baby up to our guest room – I just have to get our exercise equipment moved out to make some room! Have you guys ever tried any DIY-type chalk paint methods?  What’s your favorite?

Note: This post was in no way sponsored by BB Frosch – I just enjoyed their product!

Hello lemon-droppers!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent Saturday in Cincinnati at the World’s Longest Yard Sale. Krylon invited me, along with several other awesome bloggers, to come hang out with them.

Krylon - bloggers

We had a blast shopping and checking out all of Krylon’s amazing products – some I didn’t even know about. For example, did you know Krylon has a chalky finish spray paint? If you’ve ever priced chalk paint, you know it can be a little on the expensive side so I am totally *pumped* to try this product out!

Krylon World's Longest Yard Sale

If you’ve never heard of The World’s Longest Yard Sale, it starts in Michigan and stretches all the way down to Alabama and lasts for 4 days – basically, a bargain hunter’s dream! Krylon’s mission was to find and transform 127 things for their first ever Pinterest yard sale, which goes to benefit Charity Wings. And – lucky you – the yard sale is open as of today! Head on over to find some awesome buys that go to benefit an awesome charity!

Krylon - Pinterest Yard Sale

And be sure to check out all the other bloggers I was able to team up with!

Happy shopping!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Using these links results in me receiving a small commission from the purchases you make.

Happy Amazon Prime Day!

If you haven’t heard by now, Amazon is offering some pretty amazing deals for their Prime members today – they’re advertising it as ‘better than Black Friday’! It’s the perfect opportunity to get an early jump on holiday shopping and save some dough in the process. Here’s a few of the things that might be going in my shopping cart today:

I’ve been eyeing a FitBit for a long time, so today might be the day to pull the trigger!


A Kreg Jig has been on my list for a while to help me improve my (seriously lacking) woodworking skillz.

kreg jig

I’m in the market for a good double stroller and I think I’ve decided on one of these Joovy styles.


These magnet tile toys are seriously awesome, but they’re also pretty pricey (we play with them at the doctor’s office). So any little discount helps!

mangetic tiles

And don’t forget about Amazon’s home section! I’m planning a kitchem refresh, and I’m looking at some new dining chairs like these:

dining chairs

And be sure to check out their Lightning Deals page – there are all kinds of goodies on there! Oh, and if you’re not a Prime member, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial just so you can get in on these awesome deals!



Hi lemon-droppers! Popping in today to share another one of my favorite Etsy shops: Winnie Cole. This particular shop is owned by a gal that’s local to me, and I discovered her through the photographer I use for our family photos. She makes some ADORABLE baby/kid items – seriously guys, Megan is WAY talented. Let’s have a look at some of her past inventory.

winnie cole diaper clutch

I love these stylish diaper clutches – that’s one thing I would NOT be embarassed to carry to the bathroom in a restaurant, amiright?

winnie cole teethers

These sweet little rattles would be the perfect thing to top off a shower present for a new mom!

winnie cole slingsMegan also makes custom fabric ring slings and they’re pretty awesome. I can say that honestly because I own one. In fact, that one pictured above is mine :)

winnie cole cowl

Is this cowl not the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen?! Holy cow, I don’t think I could make that if my life depended on it. Megan does lots of hand crocheted items and each one is SO beautiful.

My favorite thing is that Megan is so willing to do custom orders, so you may not see something listed in her Etsy shop, but I can pretty much guarantee that if it’s something she’s able to make, she’ll probably do it for you. And make sure you go like Winnie Cole’s FB page for shop updates and giveaways.

Oh, and for any photographers out there, Megan has also launched a second business, called Olive & Elm (also see the Facebook page here), specifically geared towards photography props, like this sweet floral headpiece she made for me for Everly’s newborns.winnie cole headband

Look at my sweet angel girl :)

Go check out Winnie Cole and Olive & Elm today!