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I Met People From The Internet And I Didn’t Die

This time last month, I was just getting home from a trip I took out to Salt Lake City for the Young Living Convention. It was an amazing 5 days full of education and time spent with incredible friends. But you wanna know the weird thing? For the most part, it was only my first (max, second) time meeting most of these  ‘incredible friends.’ And I know a lot of people probably think it’s strange that you could call someone an ‘incredible friend’ without ever having met them, but I’m here to tell you that the Internet is a magical place and it can absolutely happen.

If you know me IRL, you know that I’m mildly obsessed with my essential oils. And when I say mildly….I mean completely. They’ve transformed the way I think and feel about our family’s health and opened my eyes to a more natural way of living. They’ve done incredible things for us. But that’s not the basis of what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the relationships I’ve formed because of those little bottles.

I had no idea when I bought my starter kit that there was a business to be made from it. (Like, literally…I didn’t know the business side of Young Living even existed.) And I certainly had no idea that I would be thrust into a huge group of some of the most genuine, caring women I’ve ever met. But that’s what happened. I was introduced to a community of other like-minded mommas and women and they became my support system as I started out on my wellness journey and dove into building a business. Over time, I began to forge real relationships with them – friendships that I truly cherish. We encourage one another, celebrate accomplishments together, brainstorm, dream, pray for each other, and share our hearts a lot – both good and bad. And it’s all done over the Internet. Crazy, I know.

In my earlier days of blogging..when I had hundreds of blogs in my RSS feed and followed so many of them religiously…I felt like I ‘knew’ so many of my favorite bloggers just from the daily glimpses they shared into their lives. I remember reading about real friendships that had started through blogging – like two of my favorites, Sherry Petersik and Katie Bower – and I would think, “Wow, that’s so cool. These two women share similar passions and the Internet brought them together!” But I sort of figured that same thing probably wouldn’t happen to me. I mean, how likely is it that you could meet someone on the Internet that could really turn into someone you hang out with in real life?! Turns out it’s more likely than you think.

I’m saying all this to say, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try something new. Don’t be afraid to pursue your passion relentlessly. And more importantly, be open to the relationships that you might stumble across during your pursuit. Don’t write those relationships off as ‘less valuable’ just because you can’t physically sit down for coffee together or have a play date. Because you might just get lucky enough to turn those social media friendships into something far more valuable than a ‘like’ here and there.

  • Amber Melvin

    Great post! I am a big essential oils fan too, I love your article title – hilarious 🙂

  • Amanda Ortiz

    I love this. Some of my “best” friends I’ve met on the internet and haven’t gotten to meet up with irl, but I certainly will at some point! Glad to not feel so weird about this anymore lol. And essential oils, I need to do some research but I really am fascinated by all of the potential applications.

    • Dacia

      Yes, you’re not alone! Internet friends can TOTALLY be real friends!! And if you’d like me to send you more info on essential oils, just say the word 🙂

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