Kids Art Display Station

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  • September 23, 2015

Happy Hump Day, y’all! I’ve got a really cute project to share with you today so let’s get to it!

You might remember a few weeks back when I visited the World’s Longest Yard Sale and hung out with Krylon as they made over pieces for their first ever Pinterest 127 Yard Sale. (read more about it here). We got to check out tons of Krylon’s products that day and I walked away with something I was WAY excited to try out: chalky finish spray paint.

That’s right. Chalk paint in a glorious little spray bottle. Basically, that means busting out spray painting projects even quicker because you can cut out the prep step. Consider me sold! And I already had a perfect candidate for a makeover.

Earlier this summer, I picked up a folding screen that had a bunch of slots for pictures. Something like this:

Kids Art Display Station | Lemon Drop Life

How bout that lovely orange-y oak. No bueno. BUT I instantly imagined this being turned into a fun way to display my kiddos art. And with a little help from Krylon’s Chalky Finish spray paint in Misty Gray, that’s just what I did!

Kids Art Display Station | Lemon Drop Life

Let me just say, this stuff goes on like a dream. It sprays evenly and has great coverage. I almost covered the entire screen (front and back) with one can. And my favorite part? All I had to do beforehand was wipe everything down with a lint free cloth. No deglossing. No sanding. No priming. That’s my kind of project!

Now let’s take a look at our new display station!

Kids Art Display Station | Lemon Drop Life

Kids Art Display Station | Lemon Drop Life

This was such an easy project – the spray painting took me about 15 minutes and then I just taped some of the artwork we had right to the back. Easy peasy!

Each window had a piece of acrylic and a backing to hold photos in place. I decided to paint a few of the acrylic panes with some chalk paint to give my kids another place to draw and play!

Kids Art Display Station | Lemon Drop Life

Kids Art Display Station | Lemon Drop Life

Eventually, I want to make this whole area a little art area for the kids. My plan is to move that (recently redone) desk up to our guest room and get a small table for the kids so they can have their own place to sit and create!

Kids Art Display Station | Lemon Drop Life

Kids Art Display Station | Lemon Drop Life

Our home is a place where I want our kids to feel free to run, play, and have fun; I’m so excited to start working on this little space for them!

Feeling inspired? Well, I’ve got a treat for you. The other bloggers that I hung out with at the Krylon event are also posting fun project makeovers for you today! So be sure to hop around and check out their projects! (Note: I’ll update this post throughout the day as their posts go up.)

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  • Kimm at Reinvented

    OH my goodness, Dacia, that is so cute and PERFECT for the kids’ art. I wish I would have thought of something like that when my kids were little. 🙂 Love the space you are creating for them. I still haven’t tried the chalky finish spray paint, but it’s definitely on my list! 🙂

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