DIY Faux Marble Painted Table

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  • September 9, 2015

A couple weeks ago, I posted my plans for sprucing up our kitchen. And I”m happy to report that I’ve made a little progress! Namely, in they way of updating our kitchen table.

If you’ve been a long time blog reader, you may remember way back when our whitewashed our table (which I got on Craigslist). It’s been that way ever since. But in my DIY newbie-ness, I didn’t seal it as well as I should have and it was a bit of a mess. The finish was worn down and scratched in many spots, so I was always a bit embarrassed to have guests sit down at our table. Picture me trying to strategically cover every scratch with table runners, plates, cups, you name it. “I’m sorry you can’t reach your plate, Mom, but I really need it to stay in that spot, mmkay? Thanks.” Not terribly convenient.

I have long been a lover of marble topped tables (who isn’t?!), but the real deal is pretty pricey, not to mention probably not the most baby/toddler friendly option. So, what’s a DIY-er to do? Duh.

I surfed Pinterest for some tutorials and they were all pretty similar. Then I came across this one from Gorgeous Shiny Things that had a video of her demonstrating the technique. This was TOTALLY helpful for a visual learner like me. I can read tutorials over and over, but if I can see it, I’m sold.

Her video is awesome, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here but I will tell you that when I first started painting my base gray-wash on the table, I was scared. Real scared.

IMG_1601I apologize for the low-quality pic – I was snapping these with my phone, as I was  too scared to step away from my table for fear it might turn into some angry faux-marble monster.

BUT. I persevered and it got better.

DIY Faux Marble Painted Table | Lemon Drop Life

So, my biggest tip for this technique is BE BRAVE. And don’t give up just because things looks bad.

Geez, this is turning into a regular ol’ motivational speech.

Seriously, though. While I wouldn’t say this is a foolproof, can’t-fail technique, I would say it’s forgiving and what you might perceive as an ‘imperfection’ can be used to your advantage. I would say the key to this technique is a great blending brush and lots of layers of gray and white. Even when I was finished, I dipped my sea sponge in white paint and sponged lightly over the whole table.  So, it just takes lots of back and forth. A little gray here, then cover with some white, then add in a little more veining, etc. I will say one thing I would’ve done differently is starting with a lighter gray to begin with. As you can see from those photos above, my gray was pretty dark, so I ended up added a lot of white layers to really lighten it up. Save the dark gray for your tiny veining. Or maybe you want that really high contrast look; that’s the great thing about this technique – no two people will do it the same!

Enough blab – wanna see the finished product?


DIY Faux Marble Painted Table | Lemon Drop Life

I’m really happy with how it turned out. I sealed it with a gloss poly to try and add to that looks of stone and protect it really well. And I used plenty of coats this time – momma doesn’t want this finish scratching!

And who could resists styling up their newly refinished table for fall? Not this gal!

DIY Faux Marble Painted Table | Lemon Drop Life

DIY Faux Marble Painted Table | Lemon Drop Life

Funny story – I clipped the yellow flowers from one of my neighbors yards. Not their yard, per se, but from the end of their driveway where they had a bunch of these growing up along with other weeds around some trees. They literally had their garbage cans sitting practically on top of these. And the homeowner pulled up while I was clipping them. Picture me, red-faced and flustered as my neighbor says, “Can I help you?” No, don’t mind me. I’m just clipping weeds from your yard to use on my kitchen table. I think they thought I was trying to case their house for a potential robbery. Neighbor of the year, right here.

DIY Faux Marble Painted Table | Lemon Drop Life

DIY Faux Marble Painted Table | Lemon Drop Life

DIY Faux Marble Painted Table | Lemon Drop Life

Isn’t my little helper the cutest?! He was smelling the “pitty fwowers”.

Now on to tackle the rest of my kitchen to-do list!

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