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DIY Christmas Card Holders

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  • December 18, 2014

Raise your hand if you skip to the mailbox this time of year in hopes of receiving some Christmas cards from your friends and family. I’ve got both my hands enthusiastically raised over here.

Every year, I try to find a creative new way to display our Christmas cards (you can check out some ways I’ve done it in the past here and here). So of course this year was no different!

DIY Christmas Card Holders | Lemon Drop Life

This one was really easy, guys. Just pick up some embroidery hoops and clothespins, add a little hot glue, and voila! Cute Christmas card holders to hang on your wall!

DIY Christmas Card Holders | Lemon Drop Life

One tip: flip a few of your clothespins so they face the inside of the hoop – you’ll fill more space that way!

I also picked up a few extra embroidery hoops and filled them with some fabric scraps I had on hand (you can iron yours before you use them, if you’d like – I’m a rebel). I love the extra color and festive-ness they add!

DIY Christmas Card Holders | Lemon Drop Life


This is one super simple DIY that takes almost no time or money at all, you guys, and it makes such a big impact when you combine a few of them! How do you guys display your Christmas cards?

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  • Abi

    Love seeing Christmas cards displayed!! And YES, I love getting Christmas cards too. I’ve displayed them differently each year… just depending on my mood. Right now, I have flannel ribbon wrapped around my pantry door and the cards are pinned onto the ribbon. I love being able to see the cards whenever I look at my kitchen!

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