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June 2014

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Family Gallery Wall

Show of hands: how many of you have about a thousand family photos on your computer that you keep meaning to get printed and framed? Yeah, that’s me with both my hands up.

I print yearly photo books for our family (which reminds me, I need to finish up 2013..whoops), but I’ve always meant to also get some printed and framed. Recently, we inherited some really nice black frames with double mats from a friend who was moving, so  I took that as a perfect opportunity to print some family photos and create a little gallery wall in our bedroom!

Family Gallery Wall | Lemon Drop Life

I decided to stick with black and white photos to keep a cohesive theme and I made sure to select a mix of different orientations. I ordered my prints from and I am thrilled with the quality; I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get photos printed! (I’m not sponsored by them in any way, I was just really satisfied with their product!).

Family Gallery Wall | Lemon Drop Life

I had 4 frames for 8×10’s and 3 for 11×14’s. I think if I had been doing this gallery wall from scratch (i.e., I didn’t already have these frames) I would’ve been tempted to also do some 5×7’s for more variety, but honestly I’m so happy I didn’t. I love the large scale of these photos and the fact that I can see them from across the room when I’m lying in bed!

Yeah, this view? My favorite. Minus the lily white legs.

Family Gallery Wall | Lemon Drop Life

And of course, I’ll be adding some more photos once bambino #2 gets here. I’ll probably pick up a bunch of black Ribba frames from Ikea the next time we’re there, and they should blend in nicely with the other frames!

And I can’t end this post without showing you guys this adorable little lamp.

Family Gallery Wall | Lemon Drop Life


I picked it up at Wal-Mart (go figure!) for $9.99! The shade was originally white, but I added a little copper paint to the top and bottom for some extra oomph..cute, right?! I love how it ties into the wooden plaque.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let all those precious family moments sit on your computer, get them printed and hung somewhere in your home!

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Chocolate Chip Red Velvet Cookie Sandwiches

This post could alternatively be entitled: “Heaven In Cookie Form”.

Last week I got a hankering for something majorly sweet and these cookies more than hit the spot. Red velvet and cream cheese icing is one of my favorite dessert combos and normally cupcakes would be my go to. But I was feeling like maybe cupcakes wouldn’t even satisfy my sweets craving. That’s right. I needed MORE.

And thus, the chocolate chip red velvet cookie sandwich walked into my life.

Chocolate Chip Red Velvet Cookie Sandwich | Lemon Drop Life

Let’s not beat around the bush, I know you’re wanting the deets on these bad boys. So here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 box Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix (you could probably use any red velvet cake mix, this is the one I used)
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup butter, melted
  • 1/3 cup mini choc. chips
  • 1 can cream cheese frosting

Melt butter and let cool. Mix together cake mix, egg, cooled butter and vanilla – you’ll have to physically mix by hand (like kneading bread dough) until you end up with a dough. Fold in chocolate chips by hand, a little at a time.

Form the dough into a 12” log, wrap in parchment paper, seal with plastic wrap, and then place into the fridge for at least an hour. You could also probably just wrap up the dough ball and put it in the fridge – it’s still malleable enough after an hour that  you could just spoon out your cookies.

Once it’s hardened, unwrap and cut into slices, then bake at 350 F for 10 to 12 mintues.

After they’ve cooled, spread on some icing (don’t skimp – nobody likes an under-iced cookie) and sandwich another cookie on top. And there you have it – diabetes in cookie form!

Chocolate Chip Red Velvet Cookie Sandwich | Lemon Drop Life

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any resulting cookie sandwich addictions. The fetus made me do it.

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The State of My Pantry

It wasn’t good. It was downright awful.

I really had no idea what all I had in there so I recently found myself buying doubles of things only to discover I already had them! And momma don’t wanna waste money on brown sugar if she doesn’t have to.

So, here’s what I started with:

The State of My Pantry | Lemon Drop Life

And I’d actually already started taking things out of the pantry at this point when I remembered I hadn’t taken a before picture. Yeah, it was pretty impossible to find anything.

So after taking everything out and getting a few containers to corral some similar items, here’s where I ended up.

The State of My Pantry | Lemon Drop Life

I fully realize that’s not exactly a Pinterest-worthy after (“Where are the chalkboard labels?!? Everything needs to be chalkboard labeled!”), but that’s not what I was going for. I was just trying to get our pantry organized enough so I can see what I have and functional for our family.

And because I am totally obsessed with seeing how people organize different spaces in their home, I’ll give you a closer look at what’s going on on those shelves.

The State of My Pantry | Lemon Drop Life

At the very bottom, I stored all of our tote bags/recyclable grocery bags, spare light bulbs, and the dust pan.

On the next shelf up is a container of soap to refill the kitchen soap dispenser, toilet paper, paper towels, and extra cereal boxes.

The State of My Pantry | Lemon Drop Life


The next shelf has baking supplies, pastas/rice, and the black container in the front holds spice packets.

The white bins on the shelf above contain all or Roarke’s food and snacks. There’s one bin for fruits, one for veggies, and one for snacks. The rest of the shelf contain things to use for sides (mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, etc.).

IMG_6493The State of My Pantry | Lemon Drop Life

The next shelf is for breakfast stuff (oatmeal, pancake mix, cereal) and snacks. I love our Oxo containers for storing cereal, crackers, and other things that generally get stale when left in bags. The yellow bucket in the back contains individually-packaged snacks and I filled a couple glass jars with almonds and pistachios.

Lastly, the top shelf contains all our extra paper goods for parties. I had purchased three separate boxes of plastic silverware over the past couple years just because I didn’t know I already had some in the pantry. Doh.

I’m happy to report I re-organized about a week ago, and things are still in tip-top shape! That’s a good sign around here!

Anyone else been doing any spring cleaning or organizing? I’d love to hear your favorite tips!