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A No Kill Flower (My Favorite Kind)

Welp, I’ve found my favorite flower. And why is it my favorite? Because I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s still alive. (I’ve got high standards.)

Dying to know what my resilient mystery flower is?

A No Kill Flower | Lemon Drop Life


We inherited these purple pretties when we moved in and they have bloomed bright and beautiful every single year. I have literally NEVER touched them. Not so much as a single drop of water (they are exposed to rain). They’re planted in the front of our house and they get direct sunlight¬† in the morning and shade in the afternoon.

I have no idea if that’s the ideal setting for a clematis, but it’s definitely working for ours! Now, I’m sure if you planted them in a place where they got no sun and no exposure to rain, you could probably manage to kill them…so don’t do that, mmkay?

And here’s a fun fact: another name for these is Traveller’s Joy. Sweet, right?

Do you guys have a favorite low-maintenance flower? Something that’s impossible to kill? And keep in mind, I’ve killed succulents you guys…


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The Fifth Wall

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Armstrong Residential Ceilings. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Not to be confused with the fifth dimension.

In recent years, it seems like people are starting to pay more attention to the ‘fifth wall’ of every room – the ceiling.

Yep, ceilings are getting the royal treatment..everything from paint…

The Fifth Wall | Lemon Drop Lifevia

…to nailhead treatment…

The Fifth Wall | Lemon Drop Lifevia

…to wood planks.

The Fifth Wall | Lemon Drop Lifevia

And, thanks to Armstrong Residential Ceilings, your options just expanded a little bit more. They have all kinds of products and creative inspiration that you can check out on their website. But let’s explore a bit together, shall we?

They offer a whole line of a wood ceilings, my personal favorite being the Woodhaven weathered look. A wood planked ceiling could work with a variety of styles and in virtually any space. So versatile!

If you’re looking for more of a cottage feel, you could go for a beadboard ceiling. We have breadboard on a wall in our guest bath, and it’s still one of my favorite looks in our house.

And maybe you’re not in the market for updating your ceiling at all. They have metal ceiling tiles that can also be used a stylish tin backsplash for a kitchen.

They also offer helpful hints and solutions for remodels and ceiling repair. It’s your one stop ceiling resource! Head over and check out their site today!




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