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Review: Cardstore

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  • November 22, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Cardstore and offered a chance for some free cards in exchange for a review. And with the holidays coming up, I decided to make a little Thanksgiving themed card to send out to all the grandparents. So, if you’re one of Roarke’s grandparents, stop reading now. Your card is in the mail 🙂

There were tons of cute designs to choose from, but I landed on this super on trend aztec-ish/feather-y (that term is going to catch on, I feel it) Thanksgiving one.

Review: Cardstore | Lemon Drop Life


As you can see, their user interface is adorable and simple to use. It took me all of two minutes to design my card.

Review: Cardstore | Lemon Drop Life

Ta-da! Of course, you’ll need to provide your own cutie patootie to fill the picture slots 😉

And because I love picking out holiday cards, I put together a few of my other favorites for you!

Review: Cardstore | Lemon Drop Life


So check them out and get your Christmas cards checked off your to-do list early this year!


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Just Relax…

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  • November 18, 2013

Monday. Woof.

We had some beastly storms yesterday (picture JP, Roarke and myself piled into the bathtub), so I hope all you fellow Midwesterners stayed safe!

Today I just wanted to share a little welcoming touch I added recently to our evolving guest room. You can see my plan for the room here.

Just Relax | Lemon Drop Life


I love the rustic wood slice chalkboards I’ve seen popping up here and there, so I picked up a wood slice at Hobby Lobby (with a 40% off coupon) and added some chalkboard paint.

Just Relax | Lemon Drop Life

My chalkboard handwriting is far from pleasing, but I’m going to say that’s part of the ‘charm.’ 😉

Next on my list for that room is to find the perfect shade of gray-lavender for the walls, which is proving far more difficult that I thought!


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Holiday Gift Guide for Baby

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  • November 12, 2013

It’s safe to say I’m a Christmas fan. How big a fan? Well, I may spend $100,00 getting plastic surgery just to look like Christmas (see this story). So now that my own offspring is involved? I can’t WAIT.

I’m still going to give Thanksgiving it’s due, but I couldn’t help but do a little online shopping for my wee one. Here are some things that caught my eye!

Baby Gift Guide.001

1.Twisting Crab Baby & Toddler Toy – If you’re a parent of a young child you know that most of the toys are somewhat of an eyesore. So I really appreciate well made, beautiful, handcrafted toys and the stuff at Melissa & Doug definitely fits the bill.

2. BabyJandCompany Play Mat – Roarke is definitely growing more independent and he really enjoys just sitting on the floor and playing with his toys. Usually, I just lay down a throw blanket and plop him on top, but it would be great to have a designated play mat that could easily be toted anywhere!

3. Tactile Turn ‘N Match – Roarke is fascinated by different textures so I think a toy like this would be a big hit with him. I would love to try and DIY something similar!

4. K’s Kids Pull-Back Vehicles – I feel like Roarke would definitely get a kick out of these. Another great one from Melissa & Doug!

5. HABA Aircraft Swing – Roarke goes NUTS in the bouncer we have, so I think he would love something like this.

6. B Toys Global Glowball – JP and I hope to pass on our love for travel to our little guy, so this would be a great place to start!

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Hot Glue Is Like Ketchup

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  • November 5, 2013

…it can make almost anything better.

When I bought my desk chair at IKEA, I also bought a chair cushion to go with it with the intentions of recovering it with some different fabric. So, I picked up some fabric a few days ago and got to it.

I planned to just use my staple gun to secure the fabric, but the cushion was just foam so there really wasn’t anything for the staples to bite into. So what’s a crafter to do? Use hot glue of course!

And I give you my new and improved chair cushion!

Lemon Drop Life

And how’s this for a happy accident?

Lemon Drop Life


My planner (that I already owned) and the cushion totally coordinate! Guess I’m more drawn to this color palette than I realized!