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Just Browsing: Local Finds

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  • October 28, 2013

This past weekend was jam-packed, starting with Boo At The Zoo Friday night with my little popcorn!


On Saturday, we got a huge shipment of furniture in for our church offices (can’t wait to show you guys that when it’s all done!) and while we were waiting for the furniture delivery, I got the chance to do a little browsing at a couple of my favorite local shops.

And there was some goo-ood stuff, you guys.

First find of the day: this wicker ottoman. I feel like wicker is having a major moment right now, and I’m totally OK with that. This stool would be such an awesome way to add a little warmth to any room!


This basket was so sculptural and unique; it could really make a statement all on its’ own!


I fell HARD for this square glass container (and there were TWO of them!), but it was on the pricey side. Not overpriced, but just more than I was looking to spend that day. And now that I’m looking at this picture again, I’m having total non-buyers remorse. Yep, I shoulda bought it. (See how quickly I can talk myself into something? Shopping is dangerous for me.)


I thought this little cabinet would be so cute in a play room or even a covered patio to hold outdoor games/items. I can’t remember the price, but you could definitely DIY something similar!


Bamboo is right up there with wicker right now for me. I just can’t get enough! This easel was AWE-some (it’s a little hard to tell in the picture, but it had fantastic details), but expensive. How cool would it be holding a big piece of art or a mirror? Gah!


I could totally see this old metal carriage on a front porch surrounded by a bunch of pumpkins and flowers. And it would be so fun to decorate up for Christmas, too!


OK, there’s a lot going on in this picture, but the thing I was trying to capture was the giant whale. And I was teetering on one tip-toe to even get this shot. But this thing was pretty good size and not that expensive. Would be so cool in a kids room! Methinks Roarke may get a nautical-inspired little boys room in the future!


I LOVE the look of chimneas and this one had such a cool retro vibe with the brass detailing and shape. If we had the outdoor space for something like this, I would’ve been begging JP to bring this home!


This old cabinet caught my attention right away. The drawers were labeled with things like ‘lavender’ and ‘cedar leaf’ so I’m thinking it may have been something like an apothecary cabinet? Super cool.


String art has gained popularity in a big way these past couple years, and this one was out of this world. It was made with strands of brass and copper! And isn’t the design so funky?! It would make a great statement piece – this thing was large and in charge!


Anyone else do any browsing this weekend? Or maybe you were lucky enough to do some buying? Do tell!

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An Island Extension

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  • October 25, 2013

We made it to Friday, woot! I apologize for my absence this week..I owe you guys a couple good posts next week!

Today I’m just stopping in with a trend (I’m not sure it’s an actual trend, but I love it so I’m calling it that) that has totally captured my attention! When we were walking through the model kitchens at IKEA (one of my favorite activities, btw) a few weeks ago, we came across one kitchen that really caught my eye. The thing that struck me was that they had a dining table butted up to the island. I’m cursing myself for not taking a picture, but it was something like this:


I’m not saying this is anything groundbreaking, but I love it SO much! As it seems that a lot of people are moving away from the idea of a formal dining room, this seems like such a great alternative. When cooking dinner/hosting parties, everyone seems to end up in the kitchen anyway, right? So why not just invite them to eat there in the first place??

Our kitchen is far too small for anything like this to work, but I’m filing this one away for our ‘someday’ house!

What do you guys think: love it or hate it? What ‘trends’ are you crushing on??

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Chalk Paint Winner!

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  • October 21, 2013

Happy Monday! Just popping in to announce the winner of the chalk paint giveaway!!

The winner is…

Christina Bennett-Kirkwood!

I’ll be contacting you soon to get your info 🙂

And if you didn’t win, don’t be bummed out. Visit their Etsy shop, their prices are super reasonable!

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Moving Forward

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  • October 18, 2013

Today’s post is more on the personal side, and is basically just an opportunity for me to gush about my guy…so if that doesn’t interest you, feel free to skip it and come back next week for our regularly scheduled programming 😉

Tonight marks a very important time for JP and I, as he will be installed as the new pastor of our church. If you’re new around here, let me fill you in. My husband works full time in ministry and has for the past 6 years. Sometimes when I say that to people, I can tell on their face that they think, “Oh, so he just comes up with a sermon a couple times a week and that’s it? Easy peasy.” As someone who gets to see behind the scenes, let me say this: it is SO much more than that. He doesn’t get to leave his work at the office.  Ministry doesn’t have business hours. He can get called any time, day or night. It’s hard work, and you don’t always see the results right away. But he loves it; he has a heart for it. And, even though I never in a million years imagined myself as a pastor’s wife, I can now say I share in his calling.  

So, to my wonderful husband: I am so very proud of you. With your intelligence, humility, and passion I know you will be an amazing pastor. And even when things are discouraging, just know that I am by your side every step of the way and I share your vision. I’m so excited for this new chapter in our lives and can’t wait to move forward into God’s will for us and our church!

And for those of you who stuck around through that sap-fest, I do have a little before and after for you! We just finished up a complete renovation of our sanctuary, so take a look!

Church renovation

Church Renovation

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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Guest Room Progress

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  • October 15, 2013

The saga of our guest room continues (you can check out my plan for the room here), and I’ve made a couple purchases lately that are slowly bringing my vision to life!

First, I took advantage of the Labor Day sale at Rugs USA (it was 80% off , how could I not?!?) and purchased a vintage overdyed kilim rug. I have been in love with the look of overdyed rugs for a long time, but they are uber expensive (the rug I was looking at was just over $1100 – yikes!). So when I saw 80% off, I gladly bit the bullet and saved myself about $900 (wahoo!!). Keep in mind, when ordering vintage kilims, they almost always come in odd sizes so measure your space and make sure it will fit!

Guest Room Progress | Lemon Drop LIfe


Isn’t the rich purple color gorrrrrgeous??? And the lavender-gray tassel trim? Perfection. But if you come over, don’t walk on it just yet – I don’t have a non-slip mat underneath and it’s muy treacherous. You’ve been warned.

Last weekend, we went to IKEA to get some furniture for our church offices, and you know I couldn’t resist picking up a few things for myself since we don’t get up there that often. {Sidebar – INDIANA, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET AN IKEA?!?!} And one of those things was new bedding for the guest room.

Guest Room Progress | Lemon Drop LifeYou can ignore the wrinkles, because who has time to iron a duvet cover?? Nobody, that’s who.

I was actually planning to order some bedding from Urban Outfitters, but this duvet cover called out to me. Something about a buffalo check says ‘cozy’ to me (I know it’s kind of hard to tell because this picture is blown out, but the duvet has the same pattern as the pillow shams). And the bonus? The other side is just tan stripes, so I can switch it up when the mood strikes!

Guest Room Progress | Lemon Drop Life

And I got a little sheepskin to pamper my guests precious tootsies. You can see I’ve tested a couple paints, but neither of them are good. Finding the perfect sophisticated lavender-gray is going to be harder than I thought.

We’ve got a long way to go in here, but at this point, any progress is making me happy!

PS – Only a few more days to enter the giveaway for a jar of chalk paint…enter here!

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Remember, Remember…

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  • October 11, 2013

…the 9th of October. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the famous saying associated with Guy Fawkes Day. But, seriously, Wednesday will go down in history as the day this girl was featured on Young House Love. Cue the shrieks of joy/weeping.

Let me break it down for you.

3:49 pm – My friend, Whitney, posts this on my Facebook wall:

Lemon Drop Life

3:53 pm – I see the post and immediately start having heart palpitations.

3:54 pm – I go check out YHL, and miracle of all miracles, Roarke’s nursery was featured as one of their Reader Redesigns!

3:55 pm – I find an empty office (I’m at work when all of this is going down, btw) and do a happy dance while calling JP to squeal in his ear for about 5 minutes.

4:00-4:30 pm – AKA the LONGEST 30 minutes I’ve ever spent at work.

4:31 pm – I leave work and may or may not have shed a couple happy tears on my way home.

4:36 pm – I get home (yep, I live literally 5 minutes from work) and peruse the YHL post again and realize I FORGOT TO INCLUDE A LINK TO MY BLOG IN THE POST. Doh, what a rookie mistake!

4:38 pm – I tweet frantically at John & Sherry trying to correct my oopsie. And eventually, they update the post with a link to my blog.

At this point you may be thinking, “Uh, brag much, bro?”, but I’m not saying all of this to toot my own horn – ok, maybe a little..I worked hard on that nursery! But there’s a bigger point to my rant here. I submitted that room months ago on a whim, and I never expected anything to come of it. I was happy just thinking that J & S (I feel like we’re on a first initial basis now) might glance at the e-mail and think, “Oh, that’s a cute nursery.”

So I say alllll of that to say this: go big. Do things that excite/scare you. Take a chance. You never know what may come of it!

{And to any new Lemon-droppers stopping by from Young House Love: welcome, friends! Imagine me running towards you in slow motion with a big cheesy grin and my arms open wide. Stay awhile, take a look around. I’ve recently updated my About Me, House Tour, and Travel pages and I’m working on a Project Gallery! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want to chat!}

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His And Hers

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  • October 9, 2013

The master bedroom makeover continues today with our nightstands! A couple weeks ago, I showed you guys that our bedroom was sporting a new, more dramatic color. Well, that really kick-started my mojo for this room, and I’m primed and ready to keep rolling!

Our nightstands were begging me for a makeover.


Blah, black boxes. They even have mismatched knobs. Poor things.

I was kind of dragging my feet on getting started, but when a friend of mine asked me to review her homemade chalk paint, I was like “Psh, yeah!” And I knew these nightstands were the perfect makeover candidates.

I’ve wanted to try chalk paint for months, mainly because of two little words: no prep. That’s right, most chalk paint retailers boast that no preparations are can just grab your brush and get to work. And since ‘taping’ and ‘priming’ are basically curse words to me, that fact is music to my ears.

So as soon as the chalk paint arrived, I dragged the nightstands to the garage, removed the drawers and hardware, and slapped on the first coat of paint. No primer, baby. Oh yeah, it’s getting wild up in here.

His And Hers | Lemon Drop LifeThe paint comes all packaged in an adorable mason jar, how cute is that?!

The chalk paint dried pretty quickly. By the time I finished painting both nightstands and all the drawers, the parts I painted first were dry and ready for the second coat. Since these dressers started out basically black, I was a little worried about the paint being able to cover without primer. But to my surprise, I had pretty good coverage after the second coat. If you like a more rustic look, you could probably stop after the second coat. But I didn’t want any of the old finish showing through, so I went ahead and did a third coat.

But let me back up for a second. I wanted to add a little fun to these nightstands, and I loved the idea of emphasizing the his/hers aspect. So, I thought about stenciling ‘his’ and ‘hers’ down the drawers, but alas, both nightstands have three drawers and ‘hers’ has four letters. And then it hit me: ‘guy’ and ‘gal’! And I already had vinyl letters I could use!! Gotta love using what you have 🙂 So before I painted, I added some vinyl letters and then peeled them off after coat number three.

His And Hers | Lemon Drop Life

You like? I’d like to get some new knobs for JP’s dresser (or at least hit these up with some Rub n Buff), but I’m totally digging the look!

And the best part? I’ve got a 4 oz. jar of Liquid Vintage chalk paint in Pure White to giveaway to one of you! Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter!! You can also check out their Etsy shop here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Friday Tidbits

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  • October 4, 2013

1.       I pre-plan conversations. If I know I need to talk to someone about something, I often talk through the conversation myself first to figure out what I want to say. And the majority of this activity takes place in the shower.

2.       I would love to take some graphic design courses. I design a lot of the graphics for our church, and I get a total thrill out of designing and tweaking it until it’s just right. And searching for new fonts to use? That’s my idea of a good time.

3.       Fact: the seasonal Reese’s (pumpkins, trees, eggs) are far more delicious than a regular Reese’s. The peanut butter to chocolate ratio is just perfect.

4.       No one ever told me how messy juicers are. JP bought one a few weeks ago and has been using it non-stop, but I keep finding little flecks of fruit and veggies all over our cabinets above where the juicer sits. Not to mention the clean-up on the juicer itself is intense.  It’s driving me a little batty.

5.       You might be wondering why you haven’t heard much about our dog, Lucy, recently. Unfortunately, we had to find a new home for her after a minor incident with Roarke (no worries, he’s fine). I felt really guilty about it (I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old!), but Roarke’s safety comes first and honestly, we didn’t have the kind of time needed to devote to her anymore. We were lucky to find a sweet vet tech here in town that was willing to take her in!

6. I’ve already started collecting ideas for Roarke’s first birthday party. Not that I’m itching for time to go any faster…I just love party planning.

7. This is probably a big blogger no-no, but I’m kind of dreading decorating for Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I L-O-V-E Christmas. But there’s so much pressure to have every inch of your house filled to the brim with Christmas cheer, and I’m kind of craving clean and simple right now. Hopefully, I can find a nice balance.

Have a great weekend, everyone! We’re getting some family pictures taken tomorrow, and I can’t wait!!