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DIY Succulent Wreath

What’s one of the highest functioning rooms in your house? For us, it’s the kitchen. We spend a lot of time in there..preparing meals, doing dishes, sitting at the table. But when it comes to decorating, the kitchen sometimes gets neglected. And that makes your kitchen sad. I mean every hard working gal deserves a time to get all dressed up, right? Right.

So I decided to add a little wreath action to my refrigerator. I mean who says front doors are the only ones deserving of wreath swag? Our fridge is every bit as hard working as our front door, and she deserves some pampering. And  that pampering should come in the form of succulent wreath, of course!

DIY Succulent Wreath | Lemon Drop Life

It’s no secret that succulents are the ‘it’ plant. They’re pretty, easy to care for, and come in a wide variety. My first thought was, ‘Maybe I can buy one.’ And I found one at Williams Sonoma. For $100. Gulp.

So like any good blogger, I figured I could DIY one on the cheap.

I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some faux succulents..I got 10 for $10 because they were 50% off. I also picked up a small wire wreath form for $3. I already had some floral wire and ribbon at home.

IMG_5338DIY Succulent Wreath | Lemon Drop Life

I cut about 2/3 of the stem off of each succulent, leaving me a little bit to secure to the wreath form with floral wire. I basically had no rhyme or reason for how I secured them. Seriously, my floral wire was a hot mess.

DIY Succulent Wreath | Lemon Drop Life

But, it got the job done. And as long as no one ever looks at the back of my wreath, I’m good.

After all the succulents were attached, I tied a bow with my ribbon and attached it to the top. Then I used a  piece of twine for hanging. And voila…done!

DIY Succulent Wreath | Lemon Drop Life

My fridge is glowing with pride.

DIY Succulent Wreath | Lemon Drop Life

Oooh, aaah…

And my favorite part? I saved myself $87!

DIY Succulent Wreath | Lemon Drop Life


Don’t you just love a good knock-off?! Happy Friday, everyone!

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