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Customizable iPhone Apps – Mind. Blown.

You guys. I found the coolest app last night. And it let me do this:

custom iphone apps


Uh huh..customized iPhone apps! No more run-of-the-mill-everyone’s-got-em looking apps. Nope, now my phone has swagg. That’s right..TWO g’s. And it’s all thanks to a free app called CocoPPa. There’s a great tutorial on how to use the app here. Go forth and customize.

Also, we’re heading on a little vacay on Sunday with my family. It will be Roarke’s first plane ride..eek! Any tips on traveling with an infant?

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Reader Dilemma: Ugly Storage Totes


I recently had a reader ask me for some tips on how to to pretty up her plain plastic storage totes. She recently moved and is short on concealed storage space. So what to do when your have no choice but to leave your storage containers out in the open? Well I’ve been doing some research and have come up with a few ideas!

My first thought was to hide them behind a folding screen. If they’re coordinated into the room well, a folding screen can be a really chic touch!

folding screenvia

Along those same lines, you could use a couple of bookcases to create a hidden storage space.


You wouldn’t want to do that in a small space though; it would only make the room feel more cramped!

But those are both ways to hide the containers…what if you want to make the storage containers themselves prettier? I’ve got a solution for that, too!

fabric totesvia

Using some fabric and decoupage medium, you can make those plastic totes fierce! I also love the rope handle detail, it really jazzes things up!

You  can also use spray paint specifically designed for plastic to change up the color and help them blend a bit better. Check out this pin I found where someone made theirs look like an old trunk by painting them brown and gluing on an old belt!

rubbermaid chestvia

Pretty neat, huh?

What about you guys? Do you have any clever solutions for making over those drab storage totes? Let me hear ’em!

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Check Me Out

Hi all! Just wanted to quickly drop in today with a few random tidbits. Most importantly, I wanted to let you guys know that I recently had an article go live over on Home Made Simple. I covered the topic of how to clean your toaster.

Now I know what you’re thinking: that’s not the most exciting subject matter in the world. BUT did you know that not cleaning your toaster can present a fire hazard for your home? Yeah, no bueno. So go check out my simple tips for keeping your brave little toaster (Do you guys remember that movie? I remember being super freaked out by the evil electromagnet in the junkyard) sparkling clean. Check out my article here!

Secondly, when I did my reader survey a few weeks ago, a couple of you asked how our pooch was getting along with our little one. I’m pleased to say that she has been great! She barely pays attention to him, just walks by him every now and then and gives him a little lick on his head. It has been quite the relief to know they get along (at least for now)!

And finally, if you guys havent’ downloaded the new app from A Beautiful Mess, you are missing out! It is SO much fun to edit your photos with all their extras!! I was a ha-yuge Lisa Frank sticker lover as a kid…I can remember sitting with a few other girls at elementary school recess to look at each others stickers. Yes, I’m a dork. But seriously, this app is like my grown-up Lisa Frank collection. I love it!

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DIY Painted Memo Board

Remember a while back when I told you guys about the little nook I’ve been itching to update? Well I’m getting started! I plan to turn it into a little office/blogging station for myself. And what’s every blogging station need? A memo board, of course!

DIY Painted Memo Board | Lemon Drop Life


I started by purchasing a pack of 4 square cork tiles at Michael’s. I brought them home and laid them out on the table.

DIY Painted Memo Board | Lemon Drop Life


Then I got to taping. I wanted my stripes to be an inch thick so I laid down my first piece of tape, and then measured and marked and inch below it.

DIY Painted Memo Board | Lemon Drop Life


Here’s where I ended up after I was through taping. I decided to add some asymmetrical stripes, too, for some extra pizazz.

DIY Painted Memo Board | Lemon Drop Life


Then I got out some white acrylic craft paint and a sponge brush and painted on my stripes.

DIY Painted Memo Board | Lemon Drop Life


The cork is naturally absorbent so don’t worry if the texture shows through! After I finished painting, I pulled off the tape (by the way, is there anything more satisfying than pulling off your tape to reveal a crisp, straight line?) and was left with this!

DIY Painted Memo Board | Lemon Drop Life


The only thing left to do was to mount it on the wall (they provide sticky backs in the package) and pin a few things up!

DIY Painted Memo Board | Lemon Drop Life


Now I can’t wait to whip the rest of this nook into shape!