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Flower Power

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  • April 30, 2013

It is FINALLY warming up here in Indiana and spring fever has taken hold of me! I’m craving sunshine, sandals, and sweet tea! And if you follow me on Instagram (@lemondroplife), you might have noticed something else that’s been popping up in my feed quite frequently: floral.

For example, take a look at the jacket I wore on Easter Sunday:

Flower Power | Lemon Drop Life


And how about the iPad case I picked up a couple weeks ago:

Flower Power | Lemon Drop Life


Or the iPhone case I recently jazzed up using this tutorial:

Flower Power | Lemon Drop Life


And I’ve totally been coveting this bedding from Anthropologie. I mean, who does floral better than Anthro?

floral bedding - anthro



Yep, it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. What trend are you guys in love with this spring?

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Year Two

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  • April 26, 2013

Welp, last Thursday marked 2 years since starting this lil’ old blog!

colorful birthday cake


It’s been such a fun journey so far, and I can’t wait to see what year three brings! Thank you to all my wonderful readers for sticking around!! Just for fun, I created a little survey  for you guys. I wanna hear what you think!

Click here to take survey

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Does That Really Work?: Sharpie Mug Edition

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  • April 25, 2013

It’s time for another installment of “Does That Really Work?” Basically, I put some of those Pinterest urban legends to the test and see if they really hold up! You can see my first go-round here.

Does That Really Work


So, what am I trying out this time? The ever popular Sharpie mug.

Does That Really Work? Sharpie Mug | Lemon Drop Life

The Claim

You can design your own mug by simply drawing on it with a Sharpie. It makes for an adorable personalized gift!

The Deets

There are about a thousand different pins on Pinterest for this one, but the basics are this: draw on your design, bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, and enjoy! Sounds simple enough, right? But the question is, will it hold up to being hand washed? Even more than that, is it dishwasher safe??

The Experiment

I pulled out a white mug that I picked up at Target last year for $1 (woot!) and a regular ol’ black Sharpie. I drew on an ikat-ish inspired design and let it bake for 30 min at 350 degrees. Then it was time to see how it held up to being washed. I started out by hand-washing it. And I instantly started to see some chinks in the armor.

Does That Really Work? Sharpie Mug | Lemon Drop Life

But I went ahead and put it through the dishwasher as well. I’ll admit, I was expecting it to come out of the dishwasher completely white again, but it held up better than expected. Don’t get me wrong, some of the Sharpie still washed off and I think after a few washes, it would all be gone.

Does That Really Work? Sharpie Mug | Lemon Drop Life

So, I think I’m gonna call this one busted.

Does That Really Work? Sharpie Mug | Lemon Drop Life

But the story doesn’t totally end there. After looking at few other blog posts on the subject, it seems if you use the oil-based Sharpie paint pens, that your design will be permanent AND dishwasher safe!

Another happy ending for this edition of ‘Does That Really Work?’.

{NOTE: This series is totally just for fun and not meant  to dispute anything anyone else has done. I’m just sharing MY experience!}

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Tree Huggin’

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  • April 23, 2013

Yesterday marked 1 month since we welcomed Lil’ Dude to our world. Cue the tears. From me, not him. Oh no, our mister is allll smiles!

one month


And on top of that, it was Earth Day! So to celebrate both occasions, we got our tree-plant on.

I love the idea of taking a picture of Roarke next to the tree every year on his birthday to see how they both grow. I chose a Dogwood tree for sentimental reasons. My grandfather was the developer of the neighborhood I grew up in, Dogwood Estates so they’ve always held a special place in my heart! Plus, they’re gorgeous!!

roarke's tree

Now, I’m definitely not a gardening expert so I won’t even try to offer up any tips. I’m just praying our tree doesn’t die.

Did you guys do anything special to celebrate Earth Day?


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Best In Show

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  • April 21, 2013

Every week, I like to round up some of my favorite posts and projects from around the blogosphere. Enjoy the inspiration!

best in show graphic.001


This faux malachite paint treatment from Jenny at the Little Green Notebook is absolutely FABULOUS! I’m dying to try it for myself!!

faux malachite


Allison over at Little Lovelies shared a quick and fantastic furniture update. Would you believe that’s just contact paper on the drawers? It looks awesome!

cabinet makeover 1 copy


I adore this mason jar butterfly terrarium from Kirsten at 6th Street Design School. I think it would be fun to do a bunch of them for a table centerpiece!

mason jar butterfly terrarium


That’s all for this week..hope you guys enjoyed!

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DIY Yarn Wall

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  • April 18, 2013

Whoop! I’ve officially completed by first project post-baby and, I must say, it felt awesome! Granted, it took me about 3x longer than it should have since I had to stop for feedings/diaper changes/cuddle time,  but that’s beside the point. I’m just happy to be getting back in the swing of things!

DIY Yarn Wall


When I gave you guys the House Tour (here, here, and here), I mentioned that I wanted to add some personality and fun to our entryway, and  what’s more fun than yarn?!? Puppies, maybe, but those are harder to decorate with. This is such a simple update that ti doesn’t even really need a tutorial, but I’ll give you the quick rundown anyway.

All you need is yarn, small nails (you could also use pushpins or even tape), and scissors.

I started off by tying the yarn around the nail.

DIY Yarn Wall_2


I snipped off the extra near the top, and then I nailed it into the wall, right up underneath the trim.

DIY Yarn Wall


After I put the first one in, I decided to go ahead and partially nail in the rest of my nails in a random pattern along the wall. Then I went back and tied yarn on each nail.

DIY Yarn Wall

In order to secure the yarn at the bottom, I simply used tape. It was much easier than doing nails along the bottom, and since it’s hidden, no one will know! Except for all of you, of course.

DIY Yarn Wall_5

This is such an easy (not to mention cheap) wall treatment, and it would be great temporary idea for anyone that’s renting! So, what do you guys think?

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New Mom Baby Essentials

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  • April 16, 2013

I’m slowly coming out of my new mommy coma, and I’m ready to get back to getting some projects done around here! But first, I thought I’d share with you guys a few of the baby-related things that I’m loving so far. And, no, this isn’t going to turn into an all-baby-all-the-time blog, but I love sharing my life with you guys and he’s definitely a huge part of it now!

So here’s some of the things I’ve been getting the most use out of during this past month:

Newborn Baby Essentials.001

1. The Boppy Pillow – It’s great for resting the baby on during feedings, and Roarke loves laying in it on his own. Not to mention it’s great to throw a pretty blanket over and use to prop him up during little photo sessions.

2. Chicco KeyFit Stroller/Car seat Combo – Honestly, the idea of car seats and strollers kind of intimidated me. I’ve seen some that are so complex they should come with an accompanying text book. But this combo system is so easy. The car seat base is a breeze to install and the car seat just snaps right in. And it also fits easily into the stroller. So simple!

3. Graco Glider – Roarke loves swinging in this glider…it has 6 different speed settings (!), plays music, and vibrates. I know…seems like a lot of options for a newborn, but he loves it!

4. Scratch Mittens – The only thing Roarke has been insistent on since the beginning is having his hands up by his face. He HATED being swaddled because it restricted his arms. So, for us, scratch mittens were an absolute must. We can’t have him scratching up his face. That’s the moneymaker.

5. Zip-Up Sleepers – OK, so when it’s 3 am and your baby is ready to eat right NOW, you don’t want to be messing with a zillion snaps to get his diaper changed. Trust me: the zip-up sleepers are heaven sent.

6. Bottle Drying Rack – I have this drying rack right next to the sink and it’s super convenient to have all the bottles/parts in the same, easy access location. And as far as baby accessories go, this is one that isn’t actually an eyesore to have out. Bonus!

7. Photo Stream – I’m sure all of you are way ahead of me on this, but I had never used the Photo Stream function on my iPhone before having a baby. I have found this to be the absolute easiest way to share daily photos with my family. I shared the photo stream with them (all you need to have is their e-mail address listed with their contact info), and then I simply add photos and they all get a notification on their phone and can view them easily. They can also leave comments as well. We all love it!

So those are just a few of the things that I’ve gotten the most use out of these first few weeks. And of course every baby is different, so I would love to hear some of your most useful baby items!

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Get Frosted

There hasn’t been much project time around here lately. Who can think about DIY when you’ve got a face like this to look at?



But I did have a chance to complete a little project a couple days before this guy arrived. You see, we also have another child. A fur-baby. And this is one of her favorite activities:



Sitting by our front door, staring out the window. It wouldn’t be such a problem, except for the fact that she barks and growls at anyone/anything she sees outside. Sleeping newborn + barking dog = no bueno. So I set out to correct the issue by simply frosting the window. It was a super simple process; here’s the quick rundown.

I picked up a roll of Glia window film at Lowe’s ($20), along with an application kit ($8). The first step in the process was to make sure the window was squeaky clean.

frosting windows


Swollen pregnant hand. Ugh. And sorry for the poor lighting in these pictures…I haven’t mastered shooting directly into a window yet.

After I had the window sparkling, I took some measurements. My window was 6″ wide and 63″ long. Once you have your measurements, you’ll want to add an extra inch on each side to give you some extra to work with. So, in my case, I cut my film down to 8″x65″.

frosting windows_2


Once you have your film cut to size, attach a pice of tape to the corner of each side of the film. It will help you peel the backing away from the film.

frosting windows_3


Then you’ll need to use the application spray that comes with the application kit. You’ll apply it to the window and both sides of your film. It helps to have an extra set of hands for this part: one person to hold the film and another to peel the backing off/apply the application spray.

frosting windows_4


Then it’s time to press the film onto the window. Because we added the extra 1″ on each side, you don’t have to worry about applying it perfectly; just make sure there’s overlap on each side. And it won’t adhere super well at first, just keep it pressed on the window and it will adhere better during the next step. Don’t worry about air bubbles; we’ll work on those in the next step, too.

Next, you’ll want to take the scraper that’s included in the application kit and smooth out all the air bubbles. You could also use a credit card for this step. Start at the top center and work your way out and down.

frosting windows_5


After you’ve smoothed everything out, you can take the handy little razor included in the application kit (or an exacto knife, if you don’t have the application kit) and cut off the excess. I will say using the blade that came with the kit was really nice, because it’s made to ensure that you don’t cut off too much. If you’re using an exacto knife or another blade, you might want to use a piece of cardboard a credit card to ensure you don’t cut in too much.

frosting windows_6


And that’s it! You’re left with a nicely frosted window!

frosting windows_7

So, I’m sure you’re all dying to know if this has curbed our dog-barking issue. I’m pleased to say that is has! She still barks if someone knocks or rings the doorbell, but it’s definitely an improvement! And an added bonus: I still have plenty of film leftover if I should need to use it again.

Have you guys been doing any simple updates? Got any suggestions for how to get a dog NOT to bark when the doorbell rings? I’m all ears!

Also, hop on over and check out my wonderful sponsor SewMyBliss..I’m totally crushing on this zippered aqua and coral zippered pouch for spring!

zippered pouch_sewmybliss