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House Tour: Part 2

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  • March 13, 2013

I shared Part 1 of our house tour with you guys on Monday, which included our entryway, guest bedroom, guest bathroom, and nursery. If you missed it, you can check it out here! We’re moving on today and I’m going to share our living room, kitchen, and master bedroom!

Let’s start in the living room. Here’s where we started (overlooking the living room from the loft):


And where we are today:

living room - progress

Obviously, a lot has changed but we’ve still got a ways to go. We desperately need an area rug, but we need something LARGE and gosh dang, those things are expensive. We also need to switch out the curtains..those are the ones that came with the house. Overall, this room is functional (we spend 75% of our time here), but it needs a good infusion of personality. We LOVE our huge sectional (one of the best purchases we’ve made) but it’s a huge gray presence in the room, especially with the gray walls so we need to liven things up a bit!

living room-progress

This is the view from the chair in the corner, looking back towards the entryway. Again, lots of gray. I’m itching to take a paint brush to that wood cabinet.

living room-progress

Gotta do something about that cord situation under the TV. And I’m thinking the table under the TV needs to be white, maybe paint the cubbies a bright color. And we need to add some art or something to the TV wall. The open door you can see beyond the living room is a storage closet. The door next to it is our laundry closet.

And you can easily see that our living room is very open to our kitchen, which started out like this:

kitchen - before

Hello, honey oak haven. And now:

kitchen - progress

Still too much honey oak for my taste. So painting those cabinets white is pretty high on my list. We’ve got a lot of cabinets, which I’m really thankful for, but it’s also kind of intimidated me out of painting them myself. I want them to look awesome and I honestly don’t know that I have the patience and time to achieve that. And I highly doubt a huge chunk of free time is going to miraculously appear once Lil’ Dude arrives either. And while I like the green, I’m thinking this space would like a little more delicious painted a deep, charcoal gray. The kitchen gets tons of natural light so I’m not afraid of going dark. I would like to use the green as more of an accent color rather than the star of the show.


And a backsplash is definitely on the agenda. The countertops..meh, I’m ok with living with them for now. The fan has gots to go. I would love a huge statement pendant, but we can’t have anything that hangs too low. I also want to add a pendant over the sink. And a roman shade for the window. My Craigslist table is still going strong, but I have yet to makeover the chairs, so that’s still on my to-do list.


The fridge was something we upgraded almost immediately after moving in, and I LOVE it! The french door style is my jam fo’ sho.

Last stop on this part of the tour: the master bedroom.


And now:

master bedroom-progress

We’ve talked about this before. I regret buying the matchy-matchy bedroom suite. So I’d like to slowly switch out some of the pieces when the budget allows. We also plan to do the same wood floors in here that we did in the nursery. I’d like to to highlight the vaulted ceiling, I just have to figure out how.

master bedroom-progress-2

To be totally honest with you guys, this is not what our bedroom looks like today. We’ve gotten new bedding, but I was just too lazy  pregnant to mess with an updated picture. But it has given me a direction to go in for a mini-makeover so hopefully I’ll be sharing some bedroom updates with you all soon!

And that doorway you see on the right leads to our master bath and closet, but we honestly haven’t really touched those spaces and they rank pretty low on the makeover list right now.

Check back Friday for the final part of the house tour!

  • Kerry

    Great open spaces!!

  • jackie jade

    looks good! the paint color in the kitchen is fun and we recently updated our fridge too and it was the best idea ever. keep checking rugsusa.com for big area rugs – they seem to run pretty big sales on holidays (i think everything was like 60% off on black friday!)

  • Whitney

    I love your layout! Open floor plans are my favorite. 🙂 And I’m sooo with you on the cabinets. I painted the cabinets in our trailer (all five of them. ha!), and one of my first thoughts was to attack the cabinets in our new home. But there’s so many of them and it’s so much work! I tried to convince myself that I like the wood, but it just ain’t happening.

  • Merry

    Hiya !
    Love your place. Glad to hear you still love your sectional, I am waiting for the same one to come in! Not sure if you are looking for any suggestions, but here’s a few:
    Paint the inside of the niche above the fireplace a bright accent color, maybe bright yellow or blue. If you are really daring, paint the inside back one color, then the “wall” part of the niche another color. i would also paint the mantel, maybe an enamel finish in black, deep grey, or white?
    I have the same color cabinets, and wall color in my kitchen. We added funky hardware which really modernized them. We also have pops of color via accents in red and black.
    Very nice placement of furniture and decor, your home looks “cozy” which IMO can be quite challenging with vaulted areas and open floor plans.

  • samantha

    I am in LOVE with your sectional and dying to find out where you got it from. Please share! We were about to buy one… like this very week!

  • Chloie F.

    Love the sectional, too! Where is it from? Also, I love idea of a big rug in there– totally agree on the price though!

    • Dacia

      Thanks! It’s from Haverty’s in Indy..we still love it to this day!!

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