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House Tour: Part 1

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  • March 11, 2013

I think it’s high time for an updated house tour. Since the last house tour was before we moved in when the house was empty. A year and a half ago. But who’s counting? To cut down on length, I’m going to divide the house tour into 3 different parts.

Full disclosure: there are only 2 rooms in this house that really feel ‘done’ to me; everything else still needs lotsa work! But in the interest of keeping it real with you guys, I’m gonna go ahead and show you where I’m at now! 

Let’s start off in the entryway. Here’s what it looked like on move-in day (all before pics are straight from the MLS listing):

entryway - before

And here’s where we are today:

entryway - progress

This is definitely a ‘work-in-progress’ space. Overall, I want the entryway to match the fun, happy feeling of the rug! I would like to paint the front door, create a feature wall behind the buffet (I’ve got plans already!), and possibly refinish the buffet. And in an ideal world, all the trim would be a nice, crisp white. Because of our open floor plan, though, I’ve been very hesitant to take on that task myself. It’s a BIG job and once I started it, there would be no good stopping point until it was all finished. Yikes.

Let’s head to the guest bedroom. If you were standing in the above photo, the guest room is off to your right, along with the guest bath and nursery. They’re all connected by the small hallway I recently spiced up with some polka dots.

polka dot wall

We don’t have a before picture of the guest bedroom…or the nursery or guest bath, for that matter…but just picture blank, cream boxes for all of them.

And now:

guest bedroom - progress

guest bedroom - prgoress2

And, as you can see, it’s still pretty blank and pretty cream. First and foremost, this room needs paint. And JP has offered to paint it so many times, but I can’t for the life of me decide on a color. I’m having major mental block when it comes to a vision for this room, so I just hate to paint it when I don’t really know where I want it to go. I love the quilt, so that mustardy-gold will definitely play a part in the room…I just need to figure out what other color I want to bring in and how to make it feel more relaxing and home-y. The furniture that’s in there is all hand-me-downs and they’re all crying out for a makeover. We need to nix the ceiling fan and replace it with something much prettier. The walls need..umm..anything. And later this year, we plan to take up the carpet and continue the same flooring we had laid in the nursery and connecting hallway. But overall, yeah, this room needs attention.

Now onto a space that’s actually finished.

guest bath - progress

guest bath - progress

This was the first room in the house that I really tackled full force, and I love the way it turned out. I decided to embrace a bold choice and paint the vanity a cheery coral and the rest of the design fell into place around that. You can check out the reveal post here if you’re curious about any of the elements in the room.

When I say that this room is “finished” that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t anything I would change. I would love to replace the vanity top with something more like this and replace the faucet as well. And while we’re at it, I would switch out the bisque-colored commode for a bright white one. So that’s my ‘someday’ list.

The last stop on this portion of the house tour is also the most recently completed space: the nursery!


I’m sure you guys are sick of hearing about it at this point, but it has definitely become my favorite room in the house! I’ll spare you re-posting ALL the photos and details, but if you want a full room tour, you can check out this post for the reveal and our source list.

And that concludes the first part of the house tour. Check back later this week for Part 2!





  • jackie jade

    i loooove seeing tours of people’s houses. you’ve done a lot so far! it really is a long process. the entry is fun and i love that rug. a fun color on the door would be great too. looking forward to seeing more!

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  • becky

    wondering where you got that adorable family tree art at your front door?
    love you blog! LOVE!!!
    Becky 🙂

    • Dacia

      A friend made it for me as a birthday present, but you can get similar stuff on Etsy!

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