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Welcome Lil’ Dude!

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  • March 25, 2013

I am absolutely ECSTATIC to introduce you all to the new guy that has stolen my heart.

Roarke David


Roarke David was born Friday, March 22 at 3:11 am. He was 7 lb. 14 oz. and 20″ long. I will most likely be MIA for a little bit, but you can follow me on Instagram (@lemondroplife) if you’d like an abundance of photos of this little bambino!

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House Tour: Part 3

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  • March 20, 2013

Sorry I’ve been MIA guys..I wish I could say it’s because Lil’ Dude showed up, but alas, we’re still waiting. My due date was Monday and these last couple of days have been an emotional roller coaster. I’m sure all you mommies can relate..the waiting is TORTURE!! But this kid definitely has a mind of his own already, so it’s up to him!

I wanted to share the last portion of our House Tour with you all today (you can see Part 1 here and Part 2 here).

When you go up our stairs, you’re immediately greeted by the nook I talked to you guys about here.

loft nook


So bare. So empty. So full of potential! I’ve got some plans that include chalkboard paint and corkboard. We’ll see how it goes!

This little nook opens up to the loft space which started out like this:

loft2 - before


It’s since become JP’s office space and now looks like this:

loft - progress


office - progress


office - progress

So far, the decoration of this space has pretty much been dictated by what we already own. We threw everything in there when we moved in and haven’t really changed anything since then. It’s functional and works for JP so it’s not high on my makeover priority list.

And that concludes our house tour! We also have a bonus room off of the office, but it just houses JP’s giant TV and the elliptical and treadmill. Not exactly pin-worthy.

I hope the next update I give you guys includes a brand new, tiny human!

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House Tour: Part 2

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  • March 13, 2013

I shared Part 1 of our house tour with you guys on Monday, which included our entryway, guest bedroom, guest bathroom, and nursery. If you missed it, you can check it out here! We’re moving on today and I’m going to share our living room, kitchen, and master bedroom!

Let’s start in the living room. Here’s where we started (overlooking the living room from the loft):


And where we are today:

living room - progress

Obviously, a lot has changed but we’ve still got a ways to go. We desperately need an area rug, but we need something LARGE and gosh dang, those things are expensive. We also need to switch out the curtains..those are the ones that came with the house. Overall, this room is functional (we spend 75% of our time here), but it needs a good infusion of personality. We LOVE our huge sectional (one of the best purchases we’ve made) but it’s a huge gray presence in the room, especially with the gray walls so we need to liven things up a bit!

living room-progress

This is the view from the chair in the corner, looking back towards the entryway. Again, lots of gray. I’m itching to take a paint brush to that wood cabinet.

living room-progress

Gotta do something about that cord situation under the TV. And I’m thinking the table under the TV needs to be white, maybe paint the cubbies a bright color. And we need to add some art or something to the TV wall. The open door you can see beyond the living room is a storage closet. The door next to it is our laundry closet.

And you can easily see that our living room is very open to our kitchen, which started out like this:

kitchen - before

Hello, honey oak haven. And now:

kitchen - progress

Still too much honey oak for my taste. So painting those cabinets white is pretty high on my list. We’ve got a lot of cabinets, which I’m really thankful for, but it’s also kind of intimidated me out of painting them myself. I want them to look awesome and I honestly don’t know that I have the patience and time to achieve that. And I highly doubt a huge chunk of free time is going to miraculously appear once Lil’ Dude arrives either. And while I like the green, I’m thinking this space would like a little more delicious painted a deep, charcoal gray. The kitchen gets tons of natural light so I’m not afraid of going dark. I would like to use the green as more of an accent color rather than the star of the show.


And a backsplash is definitely on the agenda. The countertops..meh, I’m ok with living with them for now. The fan has gots to go. I would love a huge statement pendant, but we can’t have anything that hangs too low. I also want to add a pendant over the sink. And a roman shade for the window. My Craigslist table is still going strong, but I have yet to makeover the chairs, so that’s still on my to-do list.


The fridge was something we upgraded almost immediately after moving in, and I LOVE it! The french door style is my jam fo’ sho.

Last stop on this part of the tour: the master bedroom.


And now:

master bedroom-progress

We’ve talked about this before. I regret buying the matchy-matchy bedroom suite. So I’d like to slowly switch out some of the pieces when the budget allows. We also plan to do the same wood floors in here that we did in the nursery. I’d like to to highlight the vaulted ceiling, I just have to figure out how.

master bedroom-progress-2

To be totally honest with you guys, this is not what our bedroom looks like today. We’ve gotten new bedding, but I was just too lazy  pregnant to mess with an updated picture. But it has given me a direction to go in for a mini-makeover so hopefully I’ll be sharing some bedroom updates with you all soon!

And that doorway you see on the right leads to our master bath and closet, but we honestly haven’t really touched those spaces and they rank pretty low on the makeover list right now.

Check back Friday for the final part of the house tour!

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House Tour: Part 1

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  • March 11, 2013

I think it’s high time for an updated house tour. Since the last house tour was before we moved in when the house was empty. A year and a half ago. But who’s counting? To cut down on length, I’m going to divide the house tour into 3 different parts.

Full disclosure: there are only 2 rooms in this house that really feel ‘done’ to me; everything else still needs lotsa work! But in the interest of keeping it real with you guys, I’m gonna go ahead and show you where I’m at now! 

Let’s start off in the entryway. Here’s what it looked like on move-in day (all before pics are straight from the MLS listing):

entryway - before

And here’s where we are today:

entryway - progress

This is definitely a ‘work-in-progress’ space. Overall, I want the entryway to match the fun, happy feeling of the rug! I would like to paint the front door, create a feature wall behind the buffet (I’ve got plans already!), and possibly refinish the buffet. And in an ideal world, all the trim would be a nice, crisp white. Because of our open floor plan, though, I’ve been very hesitant to take on that task myself. It’s a BIG job and once I started it, there would be no good stopping point until it was all finished. Yikes.

Let’s head to the guest bedroom. If you were standing in the above photo, the guest room is off to your right, along with the guest bath and nursery. They’re all connected by the small hallway I recently spiced up with some polka dots.

polka dot wall

We don’t have a before picture of the guest bedroom…or the nursery or guest bath, for that matter…but just picture blank, cream boxes for all of them.

And now:

guest bedroom - progress

guest bedroom - prgoress2

And, as you can see, it’s still pretty blank and pretty cream. First and foremost, this room needs paint. And JP has offered to paint it so many times, but I can’t for the life of me decide on a color. I’m having major mental block when it comes to a vision for this room, so I just hate to paint it when I don’t really know where I want it to go. I love the quilt, so that mustardy-gold will definitely play a part in the room…I just need to figure out what other color I want to bring in and how to make it feel more relaxing and home-y. The furniture that’s in there is all hand-me-downs and they’re all crying out for a makeover. We need to nix the ceiling fan and replace it with something much prettier. The walls need..umm..anything. And later this year, we plan to take up the carpet and continue the same flooring we had laid in the nursery and connecting hallway. But overall, yeah, this room needs attention.

Now onto a space that’s actually finished.

guest bath - progress

guest bath - progress

This was the first room in the house that I really tackled full force, and I love the way it turned out. I decided to embrace a bold choice and paint the vanity a cheery coral and the rest of the design fell into place around that. You can check out the reveal post here if you’re curious about any of the elements in the room.

When I say that this room is “finished” that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t anything I would change. I would love to replace the vanity top with something more like this and replace the faucet as well. And while we’re at it, I would switch out the bisque-colored commode for a bright white one. So that’s my ‘someday’ list.

The last stop on this portion of the house tour is also the most recently completed space: the nursery!


I’m sure you guys are sick of hearing about it at this point, but it has definitely become my favorite room in the house! I’ll spare you re-posting ALL the photos and details, but if you want a full room tour, you can check out this post for the reveal and our source list.

And that concludes the first part of the house tour. Check back later this week for Part 2!





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Nook Inspiration: Parsons Desk

We have a little nook upstairs that’s currently housing a sad little desk that has seen better days. I’d like to turn it into a blogging workstation and I am totally obsessed with the idea of a Parsons Desk. Just check out some of this beautiful inspiration!

parsons desk-1

I don’t have the original source for this one, so if you know where it’s from, let me know! I’m attracted to the clean lines of the Parsons Desk and I love the gallery wall above this one.

parsons desk-2via

I love, love, LOVE the chair in this photo. And the turquoise foo lamp? Fuhgettaboutit.

desk nookvia

I really like the use of Ikea storage above this desk. Great for holding pencils/random odds and ends so that you can keep your desk top clear!

parsons desk-3via

So many things done right in this photo. The cornflower blue wall, the chinoiserie stools (love the mix of red and pink), but what I’m loving most is the berry color on the desk. SO fun and perfect for a little girly nook to call me own, right?!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Does That Really Work?

So we all know that Pinterest is, like, one of the most awesome things ever and a HUGE time-sucker. Seriously, my ‘quick’ browsing sessions always turn into at least an hour. There’s just so much STUFF to look at! Beautiful inspiration, awesome crafts, and loads of tips that promise to revolutionize the way you clean, organize, etc.  But as I’m pinning that trick that for how to get my house sparkling clean in under 30 seconds using only a paper clip and an old battery, I can’t help but wonder…does that really work??

So I’m going to do some snoping (I totally just made that a you guys ever check out that site? It fascinates me.) for you guys and test out some of those infamous pins to see if they’re really all that and a bag of chips!

Does That Really Work


This first pin is one I’ve had on my “to-try” list for quite some time.

miracle pinvia

The Claim

A simple baking soda-hydrogen peroxide mixture will restore those old cookie sheets to their former glory.

The Deets

It should be noted up front, that I tested this claim using the instructions that were there when I originally pinned this. I didn’t click through and read the original post before diving in. The instructions that I pinned called for mixing 1/4 cup of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide until you had a paste. Then simple rub it on your cookie sheet with your finger or a sponge, and watch all that gunk disappear!

The Experiment 

I grabbed my oldest, nastiest cookie sheet. Prepare yourself.

nasty cookie sheet

Judge away. This old faithful saw me through all my nasty college apartments…back before I learned to cover the sheet with aluminum foil before each use.

So I started mixing up my ingredients: 1/4 cup of baking soda…

baking soda

…and then I added in the peroxide until I had a consistency somewhat like oatmeal.


Then I grabbed a sponge and slathered the mixture on half of my cookie sheet.

cookie sheet cleaner

I waited about a minute and started cleaning off the paste and….

cookie sheet cleaner

Improvement! However, I must add a disclaimer here. I brought in a little back-up.

cookie sheet cleaner

The sponge just wasn’t cutting it. The paste mixture definitely softened things up, but I needed my little scraper to really get the job done. And you’ll notice that there’s still some crud around the edges, it’s hard to get that stuff off because of the curve.

The Verdict

There’s no denying that my cookie sheet definitely looked better, maybe not as sparkling clean as the original pin, but better. I just didn’t know if I credited it more to the cleaning mixture or my scraper. So I decided to investigate a little further. After perusing the blog this originally came from, I came across a post about this miracle cleaner and had a face-palm moment when I saw this photo:


Doh! Hers looks more like a thick pie crust, not a thin oatmeal-y paste. And she mentions that it’s a lot easier to let it sit for 2+ hours and then wipe it off as opposed to scrubbing immediately. Double doh! Lesson learned: Do a little digging before you go running off to follow the instructions you find on Pinterest. Case closed.

Do you guys have any pins you’ve always been itching to try? Or maybe you’d like me to be the guinea pig? Drop me a line and let’s chat!