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DIY Jingle Bell Wreath

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  • November 28, 2012

I thought about entitling this post, “Your Dog’s Least Favorite Project. Ever.”, but I thought that probably wouldn’t get too many Google searches. Or would it?

When I was out at Target recently, I saw this wreath and instantly thought, “I could make that for less.” So that’s what I did.

It’s pretty simple. All you need is a wreath form (I used a styrofoam one that I got from Hobby Lobby for $2), jingle bells (also picked up at Hobby Lobby for $3), cotton balls (which I already had), and a glue gun.

I glued my jingle bells in place first, and then just started filling in the cotton balls around them. Lucy (who’s pretty neurotic to begin with) was absolutely horrified at the jingling sound. Every time I moved the wreath, it sent her scrambling in the other direction. So, yeah, it’s safe to say this may be her least favorite craft project I’ve ever done.

I used about 200 cotton balls in total…you don’t want to be skimpy or else your wreath will look pretty sparse. For as scared as Lucy was of the jingle bells, she LOVED the cotton balls. I would take handfuls at a time out of the bag just to make it easier for me to grab them, and she kept sneaking over to the pile and eating them. She’s nuts, I tell you. ‘My Strange Addiction’ is probably on their way to my house right now to film my cotton ball-eating pooch.

After I had it pretty well covered with cotton balls, I went back and placed a few more jingle bells until I was happy with the look. And voila!

So, there you have it. If you can keep your dog from a.) peeing at the sound of jingle bells and b.) eating all of your materials then this is a pretty easy peasy project. And you’ll save yourself some moolah!

I suppose I should also say that I don’t imagine this particular wreath would fare very well outdoors against the winter elements, so this one will be permanently living inside 🙂

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  • Kerry

    Clever, girl. Love yours much better than the target original! And your dog reminds me of Buddy the Elf eating cottonballs 🙂 We watched that movie recently so it’s on the brain!!

    • Dacia

      Ha, I LOVE that movie! I hadn’t even thought of that until you said it…too funny!

  • Kristin @

    Cute! I think yours looks better too! xo Kristin

  • jackie jade

    I love this! As I have 2 dogs, I’m sure they would be angry at the bells too (but excited to also eat cotton balls!!) If I try this out, I will do it out of the doggie’s reach 🙂

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