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Obsessed: Flokati Diamond Rug

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  • October 25, 2012

Our poor naked living room needs a rug. And my latest obsession? The Flokati Diamond Rug from Anthropologie. And it’s fitting that this rug should have the word ‘diamond’ in the title because it costs a pretty penny. A pretty penny that I’m not willing to part with. Not when we have umpteen million baby items to buy in the next few months.

But just look how pretty! Blast you, Anthropologie!! West Elm has a pretty good look-alike, but again..an 8×10 is pretty pricey.

And I can’t help but wonder, is it even smart to bring a high-pile, mostly whitish rug into a house with a dog (that sheds) and a soon to be newborn? Sounds like it could spell danger to me. Some of you mommies/dog owners need to set me straight. Tell me if this is an obsession worth hanging on to, or if I should move along!

  • Momma Sue

    I can say without a doubt… Move on!!! White in your home with Lucy and newborn would be unwise!!!! Gray or brown speckled would work better! Hides lots of things!!

  • Melanie

    Move along!!!! 🙂 adorable in white not baby vom & dog hair 😉 hehe

  • Dacia

    Yes, yes…thank you ladies! Knock some sense into me 😉

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