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  • January 24, 2012

I think I’ve lamented this to you guys before, but I’m somewhat indecisive. I can go back and forth on a decision 37 times before I finally just have to light a fire under my bum and DO something. I’m a waffler. Except that waffles are delicious, and my indecisiveness is more annoying than delicious. Hungry?

So while I’m wallowing in my lack of decision-making skills, I thought I’d ask for your opinions on a couple of matters.

First up, the buffet in the entryway. It was an awesome find and I love it to pieces. And the hardware rocks me like a hurricane.

I love it like a love song, baby. (I’m kind of in a lyrical mood today..can you tell?) So my dilemma is this: paint or don’t paint? The piece is in really good condition (no major dents or scratches) and even though I’m usually not a honey oak kind of person, it just seems to fit the mid-century vibe of this piece.

However, when I see something like this:

via Isabella & Max Rooms

I find myself heading for the paint can. What do you think? And in the spirit of full disclosure, I should tell you that I plan to eventually stencil the wall that it sits on (not with any crazy color, just a lighter shade of gray) and paint the trim work white. So it would actually end up looking a lot like the vignette that’s going on in the picture above, except my floors are tile and not wood. So maybe a little natural wood would help ground things? I just don’t know.

My second dilemma: our master bedroom.

Please ignore my husbands bright orange house slippers. And the chunk out of the wardrobe door. We got those at Ikea right after Christmas, and the door flew out of the back of the truck on the way home and so it’s seen better days (it’s been the star of many plays…1000 bonus points to anyone that can name all my weird song lyric references in this post). {Sidenote: does anyone have any suggestions on repairing it?}

Our bedroom suite was one of the first things we purchased when we got married. I’ve told you guys before that I regret getting a matchy-matchy set, but it’s what we have for now so I want to work with it. As you can see, we’ve got a color scheme going already (gray, white, mint green..the main color of our comforter is a minty green, it’s kind of hard to tell in the pictures) but the room just doesn’t feel cozy to me. It’s lacking personality, I think. So, I feel like we need to definitely add some more artwork and maybe another pop of color. And I’m at a loss for what to do on the wall that currently only has a canvas of one of our wedding pictures. Maybe move the bench underneath it and put something else at the foot of the bed? I’ve also thought about giving the dresser some kind of dramatic treatment just so there’s a wow factor in the room. What are your suggestions for this room? I need some inspiration!

  • Kahley @ Ambiance

    Here are my thoughts!!
    Entryway Buffet: Sand & Stain it darker! I am often a fan of painting older pieces, but you`re right… this piece is incredible! I say go darker with the stain. OR… paint it white (Annie Sloan Chalk paint) and distress it! And of course keep that `rock me like a hurricane`hardware!

    -Paint your Nightstands a shade of grey that compliments the wall color. Add crystal knobs.
    -Turn the wall with the canvas print, into a gallery wall. Maybe work a full length big mama mirror into the whole mix too! Or get a long, low secondhand dresser (painted to match nightstands, but a completely different style… maybe a more feminine lined piece!) and put it on this wall under the gallery prints.
    -Add some big white Euro Pillows & shams to your bed – in behind all the the pillows
    -Add a big furry white throw to the end of your bed
    -Add a mirror over your dresser

    Have fun!!! 🙂

  • Melanie Dorsey

    Heya! While I’m gonna miss out on the 1,000 bonus points, I will share my thoughts. FYI, thanks for sharing pics of your home, my bedroom still carries a large piece of plywood as the headboard that I have envisioned as a white satin tufted headboard with crystal embellishments. Sighhhhh, I’m such the procrastinator.

    For the buffet….my first thought was to leave it. I love the hardware and the color looks nice wiht yoru existing finishes. If I were going to paint it I would do it black but I am obsessed with black matte furniture. (I think that would also help ground it.) For your area though if you are going to stencil the back wall and paint the trim then I would paint it white, but I think a pop of some sort of color would be awesome.

    For your bedroom….your bedroom strikes me as romantic and contemporary. Your bed, the IKEA wardrobes, dresser, lamps all strike me more contemporary, but the bedding and candelabra above the bed is very romantic. I think having something striking above the bed like a giant mirror. I love this collection of mirrors. I found another that wouldn’t let me post, but it had a mint colored bedroom with accents in mustard yellow. Such a unique combo but I LOVED IT. For under the picture is there room for a small bedroom chair? Or perhaps a skinny parsons table? I’m a little obsessed with collections right now, so next to your wedding picture it would be adorable to have a collection of all white smaller frames which just held pictures of things from your wedding, like your bouquet, rings, etc. (I never knew what to do with those pictures anyway 😉 Another thing I’m loving right now are the felt wall flowers. If you wanted to incorporate a color then you could do a set of them and put them around your wedding photo.
    P.S. I’m sending you a couple pics via fb because I can’t post pics here…

  • Dacia

    Thank you so much for your input, ladies! You’ve given me some really awesome ideas!!

  • Jo

    My thought was to somehow paint or cover the headboard in material – to ease the blackness. 😉 But I like Kahley’s idea about painting the nightstands instead. I would probably also paint the dresser or stencil something on it in your colors.

    The buffet – hard call. I love both pix.

  • Kim

    I think the easiest and most economical route is to add some pattern. Everything seems to be a solid. I know how you love the chevron pattern, how about that on the wall behind your headboard in a bold shade or even white and then some “wall paper” inside the frames of the Ikea door panels maybe something vintage inspired or even leave them and add a some pattern to the curtains?

    I would leave the buffet as is. The wood color will bring warmth, same suggestion, pattern on the wall, even if it is in white and make your accessories bold, like the teal color lamp in the picture. Love getting to see your home, feels like we are there!!

  • Nicole

    Wow..i had suggestions and both were in the comments already!! I would stain that buffet darker…dark wood buffets=loveliness! And for your bedroom, I would do pops of mustard yellow! Maybe find a mirror and paint the frame yellow, put a yellow vase on the nightstand, yellow throw over the bench at the foot of the bed, or even switch out the rug on the floor with a mustard yellow patterned one! Very cute room by the way!

  • Virginia

    Dacia! I’m so impressed! You have an amazing talent! Just wanted to let you know that I have chosen you to receive the Liebster Award! You can check out what on earth that is on my blogpost today! 🙂 Congratulations! You deserve it!


  • The Vintique Object

    I think I’d leave your buffet as is and focus your energies instead on painting the wall and trim — I bet you’d be very happy with the results. The buffet is gorgeous, so I’d leave it as is — a good wood piece in a room makes all the difference, I think. You are right that it grounds the space and keeps it feeling warm.

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