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Ikea To The Rescue!

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  • November 23, 2011

Since we moved into our new house, JP has been on a major hunt for bookcases for his office. He wanted something a little fancier than just your average rectangle with shelves in it, but all of the super stylish options we found online were wayyyy out of our budget. Enter Ikea. That wonderfully magical place where I could easily spend an entire day.

At first, he balked at the idea. He had been burned by Ikea once before. A while back, we went in search of a desk for him and he found one that he liked, but alas when we got down to the warehouse, a couple of the pieces he needed were out of stock. He was a man scorned. But I convinced him that this time would be different. I can be verrrry persuasive when home decor is at stake..muahahaha!!!

So we made the trip up to Chicago (and btw, Ikea, when the heck are you gonna put one in Indianapolis?!? It would make things so much more convenient!) and easily found something that fit the bill of what we were looking for. And it came in the form of the Billy bookcases. Simple, stylish, affordable, and you can customize them ’til your hearts content. Perfecto!

We chose one of the normal bookcases and then two slender bookcases with glass front doors, all in a white finish. Thank the Lord we drove my SUV because even with the back seats laid down, we almost couldn’t fit it all in the car. We had to push up the passenger seat as far as it would go and stack the boxes behind it. So I had to make the 2 hour car ride home squeezed on top of the back seat. Oh, the sacrifices I’ll make for a trip to Ikea-land.

I’ll spare you guys all of the gory details on how we put them together, but let me assure you they were gory. {Sidenote to Ikea: Would it kill you guys to put words in your instructions?! I know you’re trying to be all Swedish and Euro-cool, but by the end of putting our bookshelves together, I wanted to punch your little cartoon guys in the face and say “WHY WON’T YOU SPEAK TO ME?!?!” Seriously, I wonder how many marriages have ended over trying to put Ikea furniture together. Ok, rant over.} In all seriousness, the furniture assembly wasn’t the most terrible part. We had a terrible time trying to find a stud (besides my husband) to secure the bookcase to. It was the weirdest thing..we could find the stud behind the bookcase but when we tried to locate it above the bookcase, it disappeared. So we just ran out and got some heavy duty drywall anchors.

A few hours and a lot of sweat and frustration later, we had our bookshelves in working order. I kind of felt like how I imagine I woman that just had a baby would feel. You went through a lot of hours of tough labor, but once that baby (or bookshelf) makes its’ first appearance, it’s all worth it. And I also have a feeling that once I actually experience labor, I will no longer compare it to putting a bookshelf together.

But anyhoo, I know all you guys just really wanna see are the finished product, right?! So without further ado, our glorious bookshelves…

JP has A LOT of books, so these shelves really will be used for mostly books and not just decorative stuff. But of course he worked in a few of his ‘masculine’ decor items 🙂

For those of you who are observant, you’ll notice that the very top shelf has the wooden edge facing out. And I can’t even describe to you the amount of stomping around the room that was done when I saw that. C’est la vie. Nothing a little white paint can’t fix..anyone know a shade that matches Ikea furniture well?

We tried to do a little color coordinating with the books..I’ve always loved that look when I see it in magazines.

The shelves are the perfect place to display all of our Leatherbound Classics books. Have you guys seen them at Barnes & Noble? Each one is a piece of art in its’ own right..I’m a sucker for them!

Have any of you put together any Ikea furniture lately? Was it frustrating for you? Or am I the only one who can’t seem to read their instructions?? Please say no.

{Sidenote: Who’s been watching the Sing-Off? I was so sad to see Afro Blue go, but I L.O.V.E. Pentatonix..they absolutely blow my mind!!}

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