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Not So Spooky Halloween Art

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  • October 19, 2011

I’m not much for Halloween decorating. I don’t like scary movies, ABHOR haunted houses, and sleep with every light on in the house when hubby is away. I’m just not into being scared. But I am into Disney movies. Like, a lot. So when I saw this Disney villain inspired printable over at less cake {more frosting}, I fell deep in love.

Now I have never designed any kind of printable/art and have no clue what program is best to use. The only graphic I’ve ‘designed’ is my Best In Show header, and I did that in Keynote. So, I thought I’d try my hand at using that again. I wanted to incorporate the Queen of Hearts (from Alice in Wonderland) and her famous phrase “Off with their heads!” So I searched the web and found a graphic I liked, and then used the ‘Alpha’ function to mask the graphic and make it look like a silhouette. Then I downloaded a couple of spooky fonts from (awesome resource for fonts) and slapped my words on there. And this was my result:

Sorry for the little bit of glare on the picture frame glass..curse you nighttime pictures.

Not half bad, right? Or am I just biased because this is my first graphic baby? I also printed out the one from LCMF and the pair of them now sit atop my entryway table, just daring someone to enter. Or to watch a Disney movie. Whatevs.

I picked up this cute little spider tealight holder at CVS for $2.50 and gave him a coat of high gloss black spray paint. Shiny!

And another look at the LCMF printable, just for good measure 🙂 Oh, and those apples are straight out of our fridge. Use what ya got, I say. Booyah!

Do you guys deck out your house for Halloween? Or do you save all your decorating juice for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Can anyone give me a tutorial in printables? And if anyone wants to print my art, I’d be happy to send you the file!

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  • Jo

    Too cute, Dacia! I love seeing your ideas come to life.
    I also had to laugh — I LOVE the quote “Off with their heads!” I say that myself sometimes. She is the BEST villain. Well, her and the witch from Wizard of Oz.

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