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Shades of Gray

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  • October 31, 2011

I’m baaaack! Oh my word, these last few days have been exhausting, but I’m pleased to say that we are officially moved in! We’ve slowly been trying to get things in place and make sense out of everything. I look around at our boxes and just wonder how we accumulated so much stuff?! It’s crazy.

So here’s the breakdown of our past few days.

Thursday: closed at noon (I got major hand cramps from all the paper signing fun!), spent the rest of the evening painting.

Friday: more painting and cleaning, plus moving over boxes and small items

Saturday: a smidgen more painting and we moved over all of our furniture (we were able to get it all in one giant Uhaul, hooray!)

Sunday: church and cleaning up our old house

And that brings us to today which we spent trying to organize things around here and tying up loose ends at the old house.

Shew. Typing all of that makes me tired all over again. We did have a lot of awesome helpers, though..a big thanks to all of our friends and family! It would’ve been impossible without you!!

But back to business, you may have noticed I mentioned quite a bit of painting action. We wanted to get some of the main areas painted before we moved. Mainly these were the areas where I already had a jumping off point and had planned out what color scheme I wanted. The biggest space was the living room. I knew from the get go that I wanted a soft gray. Our old house was tan with tan and a little bit of tan thrown in for good measure. So, I knew I didn’t want a drop of tan in this house. But I do love me some nice, soft gray.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to find that elusive “perfect” shade of gray before, but goodNESS it’s next to impossible. And I even did extensive research. I gathered paint swatches and perused Favorite Paint Colors (a fabulous resource, btw) and picked my top 5 choices. Then I went to Home Depot, got my samples, and went to put them on the wall. I was absolutely floored when I saw the difference.

From left to right: Magnetic Gray by Sherwin Williams, Bedford Gray by Martha Stewart, Gray Cashmere by Benjamin Moore, Stone Harbor by Benjamin Moore, and Heavy Goose by Martha Stewart.)

See what I mean? When I held the actual paint swatches next  to each other, they all looked like pretty similarly toned light grays, but once they got on the wall they took on a life of their own. I immediately discounted Gray Cashmere and Heavy Goose (which I originally thought was going to be the winner)…they were too icy blue-gray and I wanted a little muddier tone. I then eliminated Magnetic Gray because it was reading a little too green for me. So that left me with either Bedford Gray or Stone Harbor, and I ended up choosing Bedford Gray because it was a little lighter. We had it color matched to the Behr Ultra Paint and Primer in One.

So, honestly..if you’re choosing a gray (or really any color for that matter, but gray seems to be especially bad) I can’t stress enough the importance of getting plenty of samples and putting them on your wall so you can see how it looks in YOUR room.  Some of the paint colors that I loved in pictures of other peoples’ rooms didn’t read the same in my room. Bedford Gray (which I’m in love with..holla!) might look like puke on your walls, in which case I’d suggest choosing another color. I don’t think I’ve found THE perfect gray, just MY perfect gray..for this room anyway 🙂

{Case in point: John and Sherry over at Young House Love just painted some grey swatches on the outside of their house, and for them Bedford Gray looked too icy blue. Go figure. So when it comes to painting, it’s all about the test swatches baby!}

But enough blab, I know you want to see the room all painted up! So here she is..and please excuse our mess..just keepin’ it real y’all.

The color in this picture is pretty accurate to how it looks in real life.

Ahh, I love it! Oh and in case you’re wondering, those curtains were left by the previous owners..they’re very nice quality but not exactly my jam, so they’ll just stay up until I can find something different! It definitely feels good to have put our own little ‘stamp’ on the house and I can’t wait to keep stampin’!


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Best In Show

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  • October 23, 2011

Hello, lemon-droppers! So sorry this post is a day late! We are in a whirlwind of boxes and cleaning..our closing date is set for this Friday, and we have A LOT to do. I can’t believe that in less than week, they’ll be turning over the keys to our very own house! WAHOOOO!!!!

But without further ado, here’s this week roundup!

Still haven’t done any Halloween decorating? Never fear, it’s not too late! Beth of Home Stories A to Z just posted her Halloween mantel, and it’s adorable! Love the book page bat garland!!

Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors made an AWESOME coffee table out of…wait for it…a wheelbarrow! Looks great, Donna!

Check out this West Elm hive vase knockoff that Angie of The Country Chic Cottage made. So cute!

That’s it for this week..back to packing and cleaning!

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Smart Thinking Lifestyle Tips

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  • October 21, 2011

Thanks to Tervis for sponsoring my writing. Visit their website to learn more about the world’s first smart cup.

It seems like no matter how hard I try to slow down, I get busier and busier every week. Between working, church, and trying to run a household, my hands are full and I know you guys can relate. So I just wanted to give you a few tips that have really helped me save time, money, and energy.

1. Keep a calendar somewhere you can see it. It seems like JP and I have something to go to (party, church event, etc) at least 1-2x a week and when we first got married, we used to try and keep track of it in our heads. Bad idea. We ended up forgetting a lot of stuff. So I marched myself to the nearest office supply store and picked up a couple of dry erase calendars. Yes, a couple. I’ve found that it’s SUPER helpful to be able to see two months at a time. It’s really helped us with planning ahead. We have them hanging right off of our kitchen in our laundry nook, where we can see them often. I know it seems like a really elementary tip (a calendar…oooooh, how inventive), but seriously, if you don’t have a calendar out somewhere in your house, DO IT. It will make your life so much easier 🙂

2. Use a menu planner. Oh. my. word. What a lifesaver that has been! You can find a whole slew of these services online (I chose mine mainly because it was free), so you can shop around and figure out which you like best. I feel SO much less stress about dinner. Since I’m nowhere near a gourmet chef (or even a fry cook at McDonald’s), it’s impossible for me to keep track of a weekly menu in my head. Are you guys seeing a theme here? Me + keeping track of things in my head = bad news bears. I try to plan out meals for a 2 week time period, but you could easily do it on a weekly basis or a monthly basis..whatever works best for you. This has also helped us save mucho dinero, seeing as we’re no longer grabbing fast food for dinner..which means we’re also eating healthier. Double score!

3. Set up certain days for certain tasks. I really don’t like having to do all the household chores on Saturday. That’s my day off and I certainly don’t want to spend it cleaning! I’m very lucky to have a husband that helps me with chores, but we’ve also designated certain tasks for certain days. For example, Sunday is laundry day. He puts in a load when we get up, and by the time we return from Sunday School, it’s ready to go in the dryer. So I switch it over and put in another load and by the time we get back from our service on campus, the first load is dry and the second is ready to be dry. And at the end of the day, we fold laundry and catch up on our DVR’d shows. It’s become our little ritual. And it hardly feels like any work at all.

So, I know these may not be mind blowing, earth shattering tips but they’re good nonetheless. Do you guys have any tips? I’d love to know your secrets!

I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. To learn more about Tervis, visit their website

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Not So Spooky Halloween Art

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  • October 19, 2011

I’m not much for Halloween decorating. I don’t like scary movies, ABHOR haunted houses, and sleep with every light on in the house when hubby is away. I’m just not into being scared. But I am into Disney movies. Like, a lot. So when I saw this Disney villain inspired printable over at less cake {more frosting}, I fell deep in love.

Now I have never designed any kind of printable/art and have no clue what program is best to use. The only graphic I’ve ‘designed’ is my Best In Show header, and I did that in Keynote. So, I thought I’d try my hand at using that again. I wanted to incorporate the Queen of Hearts (from Alice in Wonderland) and her famous phrase “Off with their heads!” So I searched the web and found a graphic I liked, and then used the ‘Alpha’ function to mask the graphic and make it look like a silhouette. Then I downloaded a couple of spooky fonts from (awesome resource for fonts) and slapped my words on there. And this was my result:

Sorry for the little bit of glare on the picture frame glass..curse you nighttime pictures.

Not half bad, right? Or am I just biased because this is my first graphic baby? I also printed out the one from LCMF and the pair of them now sit atop my entryway table, just daring someone to enter. Or to watch a Disney movie. Whatevs.

I picked up this cute little spider tealight holder at CVS for $2.50 and gave him a coat of high gloss black spray paint. Shiny!

And another look at the LCMF printable, just for good measure 🙂 Oh, and those apples are straight out of our fridge. Use what ya got, I say. Booyah!

Do you guys deck out your house for Halloween? Or do you save all your decorating juice for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Can anyone give me a tutorial in printables? And if anyone wants to print my art, I’d be happy to send you the file!

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My First Feature..Kind Of

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  • October 17, 2011

Ohmigoodness!!! Pardon me while I geek out for a moment. I was checking my e-mails tonight and noticed a pingback from the fabulous blog Centsational Girl. Say whaaaa?! Could it be?!?!? So I immediately went to check it out and saw that she had listed Lemon Drop Life as one of the sources for her BOTB roundup. {Sidenote: Her BOTB posts were the inspiration for my weekly Best In Show features.} SO excited!

Ok, so it’s not exactly one of my projects, but it’s still MY blog name actually featured on one of the biggest blogs out there! Pinch me!

So for everyone clicking over from Centsational Girl, welcome! And I’m having some sidebar issues with the website right now (you can’t see it from the front page but you can if you click on individual posts..weird), but I’m working on resolving it.

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s gonna be an AWESOME week 🙂

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Best In Show

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  • October 15, 2011

Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful Saturday! We’re finally experience chilly weather here in Indiana, so it’s time to pull out coats, boots, and scarves..yay!!! Here’s this weeks Best In Show roundup!

Check out this super fun Halloween art that Kate over at Centsational Girl made. Such a fantastic idea, and it’s just the right amount of spooky!

Check out this awesome makeover from Amy over at The Casablanca Transformation. She took plain barstools and stenciled a really pretty design on them using paint made especially for leather! Great way to customize a plain piece of furniture!! And actually, her whole kitchen is should check it out!

And last but not least, if you’re looking for a quick way to add some pizazz to a cake, don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Chelsea of Lovely Indeed took these dollar store animal toys to the next level by adding some gold spray paint and turning them into candle holders! I think it would even be fun to do ones larger scale versions that can hold tapers and set your table with them!

As a matter of fact, I’m putting that on my project list right now 🙂


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Getting To Know You

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  • October 13, 2011

Yesterday I came across this cute little A-Z about me post over at Dream Book Design. So I thought since some of you may be new readers, it would be a good way to get to know me! Here goes!

A. age :: 24

B. bed size :: queen (we’re still cuddly sleepers at this point in our marriage..everyone tells me that will change, but I like bein’ close to my man!)

C. chore you hate :: dusting fan blades. Ew.

D. dogs :: just one, Lucy aka ‘The Goose’

E. essential start to your day :: a kiss from JP..I told ya, it’s all mushy-mushy, lovey dovey stuff around here.

F. favorite color :: ahhh, I’m paralyzed by indecision!! But if I have to choose, probably anything in the blue family.

G. gold or silver :: gold

H. height :: 5’3 (and I like to add another half an inch for good measure)

I. instruments you play :: piano, microphone (can I count that as an instrument? I much prefer singing to playing)

J. job title :: officially, non-clinical research associate (oooh fancy)

K. kids :: just Lucy, for now 🙂

L. live :: Lafayette, IN (soon to be West Lafayette with the big move coming up, wha whaaa!!!!)

M. maiden name :: Elkins

N. nicknames :: Dac (pronounced Daysh..and my full name is pronounced Day-sha for anyone wondering!), Babycakes (that’s what hubby calls me)

O. overnight hospital stays :: just one, I broke my right elbow when I was in 1st grade (I got viciously pushed off of the monkey bars..well when I say “viciously” I mean “accidentally.” Potato, potahto.) Either way, I had to have an operation to set my elbow correctly.

P. pet peeve :: when people get in a lane that they know is closing so they can cut up in line further. I just had that happen the other day, so it’s fresh in my mind.

Q. quote ::  “I just like smiling, smiling’s my favorite!” – Buddy the Elf. Probably not my favorite quote, but I had the urge to watch that movie today (is it too soon for Christmas movies??) and that’s one of my favorite lines.

R. righty or lefty :: righty

S. siblings :: three: older sister, Juli; older brother, Jeremy; younger sister, Jenna. And if you’re wondering why they’re all J’s and I’m a D..well I’m not really. My first name is Jordanne, my middle name is Dacia and that’s what I’ve always gone by..bonus fact!!!

T. time you wake up :: anywhere between 7:15 and work schedule can vary from week to week.

U. university attended :: Purdue

V. vegetables you dislike: sad to say, I’m not a big veggie eater. I didn’t eat salad until I was 20, no lie.

W. what makes you run late :: uhhh, myself? I’m horrible about being on time.

X. x-rays you’ve had :: just the elbow..and I guess they take x-rays at the dentist too, does that count?

Y. yummy food :: my momma’s chicken and noodles, anything sweet..Reese Sticks are my candy obsession.

Z. zoo animal favorite :: elephant!

Shew, that was a lot of info!! I’d love to know more about you guys too so feel free to share a little about yourself in the comments. Or if you have a blog and decide to do something like this, make sure to let me know so I can check it out!
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My Future’s So Bright..

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  • October 12, 2011

We have a major lack of lighting in our current house. Every room in our house has an overhead fan/light fixture, which is fine..but sometimes you just want a little bit of soft light, which usually comes in the form of lamps. We lack-a da lamp. Sorry, that was my inner guido coming out. Currently, we only have a couple of cheapo Wal-Mart floor lamps and they just aren’t cuttin’ it anymore.

But recently I’ve had some pretty awesome lampy luck. Would you believe me if I told you I’ve acquired not one, not two, but THREE (!) lamps in the past few weeks? And all 3 for under $35..COMBINED!!! Praise be to the lighting gods!

I scored these two lovely white ceramic lamps at Goodwill. I can’t believe I found a matching pair..that almost never happens! And what’s even better is that neither one of them had a single scratch or chip..amaaaazing!! Neither one of them had a price on them so I asked an associate what the price was..I was a little nervous that she could see the desperation in my eye and was going to mark them high just because she knew I wanted them. But I was pleasantly surprised when she looked them over, shrugged her shoulders, made kind of a ‘meh’ sound, and marked them at $4.99 each! Two beautiful white ceramic lamps for $10?!? SOLD!

So then I set about finding some lamp shades for these babies. I originally thought we would use them on our nightstands in our bedroom, so I was thinking a nice simple black drum shade would do the trick. Unfortunately, the only ones I found were 25 buckaroos a piece and I just couldn’t stand the thought of spending 5x more on the lamp shades than I did on the bases!

But in a happy turn of events, I stumbled across a couple of really cute patterned drum shades at Wal-Mart for only $5 a piece!

Look at that pretty sheen!

They won’t go in our bedroom, but it just so happens that green is an accent color I plan to use in our new living room. Oh happy day! These are going to look oh so glam on a console table behind our sofa..I’m just sure of it!

And it just so happens that while I was picking up those drum shades at Wal-mart (this post makes it seem like I’m a frequent Wal-Mart troller, but I promise you I usually avoid it at all costs), I came across this beauty on a clearance end cap.

Hammered. Copper. Gorgeousness. I am obsessed. And guess how much. Does $11 sound about right? Because it is. Holla!

Now, I’m trying to decide what kind of shade I want to put with it. I know I want a drum shade style, but I’m not sure on the color. Black? Tan? Maybe a pretty patterned fabric? What do you guys think?

Has anyone else been blessed by the lighting gods lately? Or maybe you’ve just found something really awesome at a thrift store or on the side of the road (my friend Whitney has had the best luck lately, check out this and this!)? Spill it.

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10 Accessories, 5 Ways

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  • October 10, 2011

Have you guys ever seen those features in magazines where they do 10 articles of clothing and show you how you can put them together a bunch of different ways? I thought it would be fun to do the same thing with home decor accessories I have around my house and show you guys how I would put together some vignettes.

So here’s the 10 things I’ll be using:

1 – woven pumpkin; 2 – tray; 3 – picture of Lucy; 4 – pumpkin set (I kinda cheated on this one – 2 for the price of 1!);   5 – berry picking buckets; 6 – cloche; 7 – twine covered votive; 8 – brass bird; 9 – decorative balls; 10 – book

Ok, so first I’ll show you my original vignette.

Very simple. I tend to follow the rule of 3 pretty strictly. The rule of 3 is simply this: use 3 objects of varying sizes – put the largest in the back and stagger the medium and smallest in front of it.  In this case my large object was the woven pumpkin and then I staggered my medium object (the bucket) and my small object (the bird) in front of it. It works pretty much every time to give you something pretty to look at. I like how the different textures play off each other and I like that the red bucket speaks to the reddish tone of the pumpkin. For some reason, this grouping was the most obvious to me so I wanted to try and push myself away from what I would normally do.

So here’s what I came up with next:

Again, you can see I’ve used the rule of 3. I seriously love those little buckets..they’re just so darn cute. And I’ve professed my love for trays before, but I will do it again now. It just makes everything look so neat and put together. Love, love, LOVE a good tray. And I threw in the twine covered votive just for a little natural texture and for the fact that it would throw off a lovely glow at night. So, yeah, I like this one but I still want to break away from my normal rule.

Look, 4 items! I’m a rebel. I’m tired of taking my vignettes too seriously, trying to make them look like something I’d see in a catalog or magazine. They don’t always have to be perfect. I think it’s okay for them to be a little quirky and include some personal touches. That’s what makes them truly special. So, I like this one for that reason. I added in a little quirk with my cloche-covered butterfly, and the picture of my sweet Lucy is a fun personal touch. (You can read more about that picture here.) So while this  particular arrangement would probably make some people scratch their heads, I’m really digging it.

I also really like this one. I always love large groupings of collections or similar items, and I think by having all of these objects with the same shape (except for the book) I’m achieving the same effect. Lots of texture and a nice, neutral palette. Don’t mind if I do.

This arrangement is effectively using 6 of my 10 objects (tray, book, decorative balls, picture, small pumpkin) but I think because they’re all contained in the tray that it doesn’t look too overwhelming. I love that the red of the bucket picks up the red in the picture of Lucy while still playing nicely with the soft green of the pumpkin. I think this one is my favorite one of all, I just really like the mixture of all the items. And it’s worlds away from my original vignette.

Just goes to show, it doesn’t hurt to shop around your house every once in a while and rearrange things. It can really change the look of a room and you’ll start seeing your accessories in a new light. You may even push yourself to break a few rules 🙂

So, tell me, which one is your favorite? Do you have any decorating ‘rules’ that you find yourself following?