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It’s Fall Y’all: Fall Mantel

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  • September 27, 2011

I’m so excited for today because it’s the start of the “It’s Fall Y’all” linky parties put on by these lovely ladies:

So, today I’m sharing my fall-themed mantel with you guys! I kept it pretty simple, trying to mainly use things I already had on hand and/or could make relatively cheaply. Frugal is the name of the game, people! So without further ado, here she is:

My main element was various glassware pieces. The amber jars are from Midland Antiques in Indy and they were only $2 each! They were my jumping off point for the rest of the mantel. I filled them with some branches (which I tied together with a rubber band in order to keep them in a bundle) from the backyard in order to add some visual height to each side of the mantel. I also got the small milk jug at Midland for $3.

A while ago, my mom gave me several colored vases that belonged to my sister (thanks Jules!) and I spray painted a couple of them white so they’d tie in with the neutral color scheme better. I love the intricate detail on the bottles.

Pretty, right?

I picked up this small tumbler at Hobby Lobby for $1 and covered it with some twine (using hot glue) that I already had on hand to add a little more texture.

The focal point of the mantel is obviously the window painting that I picked up for last weekend at the Country Living Fair. Love!

I wanted a couple pieces to punch up the personality and color, so I added my cute little deer planter on the right side and a vintage wooden box on the left, both filled with clippings from a bush in our backyard in small bud vases (I have no idea what kind of bush it is, any guesses?).

I topped it off with some of my LED candles so that it would have a lovely glow at night. Can I just say that I LOVE my LED candles? You can set them to come on at the same time every night and they “burn” for 5 or 6 hours. Totally awesome for people who forget to blow out real candles (ahem, like me).

I wanted to add just a bit more color to the mantel so I made a quick garland in some nice subdued fall colors using construction paper. It was SO easy to make, I just used my circle punch and then strung each circle on some twine. A lot of people do it using paint chips, which I think would be better..they’d be a little sturdier than construction paper. But again, I was just using what I had on hand.

Check out the linky party here to see tons of other great ideas!

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Minor Mishap

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  • September 26, 2011

Hello, lemon-droppers! After a full day of rest yesterday, I’m finally starting to feel better. Here’s to hoping I can stay healthy for the rest of the fall/winter season!

I managed to start a small make-over on Saturday, only to have it fail miserably. So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I figured I’d share it with you all.

In our kitchen, we have one of those sponge-y/squishy type mats in front of the sink. I love the way it feels on my feet, but I take serious issue with the way it looks. The pattern is alright enough, but after a few weeks of use it looked incredibly dingy and dirty. Apparently those kind of mats are magnets for dust and dog hair, and they’re impossible to keep clean. Ultra annoying.

Uhhh, yeah. Gross.

So after seeing this tutorial from One Life to Love, I decided I would try my hand at my own little rug make-over.

I decided I was going to paint the rug a nice deep purple..partially because I was hoping a darker color wouldn’t look as dirty and partially because I already had a can of plum Krylon spray paint on hand. Now, in the tutorial she used acrylic paint, but since I already had the spray paint I figured I’d just try it to see how it worked.  Do you see where this is headed?

I covered the rug with one very light coat of Kilz primer, just to try and avoid as much color bleed-through as possible. After that was dry, I sprayed on my first coat.

Holy ugliness, Batman.

And it looked awful. It was nearly impossible to get an even coat, and it looked patchy and just plain disgusting. Like Barney the dinosaur had thrown up his ugly purple guts all over my rug. But I kept my hopes up that maybe after it dried, it would look better.

It didn’t. And to make matters worse, it now felt like sandpaper on my precious little piggies. No bueno. So, it looks like I’ll be buying myself a new kitchen mat, unless any of you lovely readers have any suggestions for how to save my Barney-vomit mess. C’est la vie, right?


Best In Show

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  • September 24, 2011

It’s time for another Best In Show round-up! I’m a little under the weather today, if I type anything weird, I’m blaming it on the cold medicine.

Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick revealed her new deck this week and I must say, it looks absolutely stunning! I absolutely LOVE the new gazebo! And at night, when it’s all lit up?! Forgeddaboutit.

Looking for a Halloween printable that’s spooky, yet elegant? I love this one that Lara from less cake {more frosting} created. I’ve never really been one to go all out for Halloween decor, but I think I could easily work something like this into my home!

I love all of Carrie’s furniture transformations over at Lovely Etc. But I particularly love this little guy. The aqua and wood top combo are killer! Great job, Carrie!

That does it for this week! I’m going to grab some kleenexes and crawl back into bed..Nyquil, take me away…

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After Glow

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  • September 22, 2011

Sorry guys, I don’t have anything real earth shattering to post for you today..we’re still basking in the birthday after glow around here.

“I’m gettin’ too old for this.”

But I promise things will be back to normal next week, and I’ll get back to showing you what I’ve been doing around the house! Hope you all have a spectacular weekend!

P.S. – Happy birthday to the most wonderful Mom in the world! Yup, her birthday is the day after mine and I like to think I was pretty good birthday present for her all those years ago 😉

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Country Living Fair: What I Got

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  • September 20, 2011

Ok guys, as promised, I’m back to show you what I actually walked away with on Saturday! For those who may not know, you can check out these posts here and here to catch up on what’s been going on.

I have to admit, I’m a pretty indecisive shopper. I like to exhaust ALL my options to make sure that what I’m buying is actually what I really want. So at a place like the CL Fair, where you have over 200 vendors spread out over a huge fairgrounds, that’s kind of a disadvantage because by the time you exhaust all your options, a.) you yourself are physically exhausted because you just walked a bazillion miles, and b.) what you wanted initially may not be there anymore. And that’s a BIG bummer. So, I kind of had to force myself to make decisions or be OK with the fact that whatever item I was looking at may not be there if I waited around.

The first thing I purchased was from a booth that had all kinds of linens, blankets, pillows, etc. made from vintage grain sacks. I bought a nice little table runner and a throw blanket that I am totes in love with.

Lovely table runner..nosy dog not included.

Then I came across two of the most adorable little berry buckets. I love the delicious red color..I might put some mums in them or fill them up with acorns or walnuts..haven’t really decided yet.

Remember when I used to be afraid of red? Psh! Look at me now!

One thing that I’ve been searching for is an old window or mirror to decorate up our mantle for fall. When I came across this window, I fell in love with it! And the fact that it had a lovely picture hand-painted on it?? Hello, my cake.

Our last purchase of the day was actually from the same vendor we bought the window from.  It’s a vintage first aid crate and we currently have it sitting on our hearth to hold our throw blankets. Love it!

All in all, I’m very satisfied with what we brought home and I am already looking forward to next year! Who wants to go with me? 🙂

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Country Living Fair: What I Missed

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  • September 19, 2011

Hola, mis amigos! Hubby has been learning Spanish and occasionally a little bit rubs off on me too 🙂

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, I know I did! As an early birthday present (it’s coming up on Wednesday), Jordan ever so graciously agreed to take me to my very first Country Living fair. And I loved absolutely every minute of it!

So today I thought I’d share with you the things I saw, loved, but didn’t end up getting (mainly because we haven’t been able to find the seeds to grow a money tree in our backyard yet..go figure!).

We had barely even set foot inside the fair when we spotted this chair. I love the black, white and red combo and the houndstooth pattern is so fun!

Excuse the bad iPhone pics!

There was a whole booth of really cool, detailed silhouette prints..they had everything ranging from chairs to people to fish!

In honor of my new weekly “Best In Show” posts, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this one!

Check out this light is amazing! I’m trying to figure out how I can DIY something like it!

I love the slightly rusty look of the metal!

My heart nearly stopped when I saw this chair. L-O-V-E. Alas, with its’ $1400 price tag, it was just more chair than I could handle. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. The damask fabric was a guh-orgeous chartreuse color and the seat of the chair was covered with a canvas/burlap-y fabric with a brown and matching chartreuse stripe. The perfect mixture of formal and casual.


And I spotted this tree outside of the Rust-Oleum booth and thought it was a really cute idea. They hung spray paint caps from  the would make a really fun, colorful decoration for a birthday party!

Now I know you’re all DYING to see what I actually brought home with me, riiiight??? Well, come back tomorrow and find out!

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Best In Show: All That Glitters

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  • September 17, 2011

It’s time for another weekly Best In Show round-up! In case you missed my post last week, I’m starting a new weekly series where I feature my top 3 favorite projects/re-do’s/tips that I’ve seen on the blogosphere that week. This week I’m featuring 3 projects that are all about the sparkle!

First up, is Mandi from Vintage Revivals! Oh my word, you guys..her lampshade makeover had me drooling all over my keyboard! As a lover of all things shiny, I dub Mandi the Glitter Queen!

And check out this awesome shoe transformation over at Little Glass Box!  I’m in love!!

Lastly, I came across this pumpkin when I did the pumpkin style quiz the other day and it was love at first rhinestone! Such a pretty, glam pumpkin!!

Do any of you have an unhealthy obsession for all things shiny?

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Country Living Fair

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  • September 15, 2011

I am SO excited for this weekend. Tomorrow after I get off work, we are headed to Columbus, OH to go to the Country Living Fair on Saturday. Basically, it’s like a huge flea market, with over 200 vendors selling antiques, home decor, and one of a kind vintage items.

I am so lucky that I have a hubby that’s willing to wander around an antique fair all day with me. He’s the best!

Are any of you going? It’s going to be awesome!

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Fall Yarn Wreath

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  • September 14, 2011

As we get closer to fall and the leaves start changing and the weather gets cooler, I find myself itching to get out more fall decor and craft it up! I’m officially coining that phrase by the way… ‘craft it up!’

So, anyway, I know that pretty much everybody and their brother has done a yarn wreath tutorial so I’m not going to re-post something that’s already out there. Here’s one tutorial you could use for reference, though. I just want to show you guys what I came up with and give you a few tips I picked up along the way.

I actually ended up using twine for the majority of the wreath rather than yarn. I already had it on hand, and I wanted to main area to be tan/brown so I figured why buy tan yarn when I already have this?

I used a straw wreath because it was all I could find at the time. It worked fine, but I ended up with straw EVERYWHERE. So if you can find a styrofoam wreath form or otherwise, I would go with that. And if you end up using straw, for the love of everything pure and holy, put some newspaper down under your workspace. I’ll be picking straw out of my carpet for weeks.

Also, as I was wrapping the twine/yarn I found that it was easier to just go with the curves of the wreath, even if it left some gapping (where you could see the straw wreath form underneath). After I had finished, I went back through and cut some small pieces of twine to fill in the gaps and you can’t tell at all when you’re looking at it.

All in all, a really quick (it took me about an hours time altogether) and easy craft that you could do in a bunch of different ways and colors! And the cost for this project?

-Wreath form: $1.50
-Yarn: $3
-Twine: already owned
-Hot glue gun: already owned
-Embellishments/flower: $1

For a grand total of $5.50! I think I can live with that 🙂

Random sidestory: this morning, Jordan was having a bad dream when my alarm went off and it startled him so much that he punched me in the face. Apparently, he was dreaming that we were being attacked by giant sea crabs with bulldog faces and he was fighting them off of me. Awww, my hero.